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Sorcha Faal & Russian Intelligence: Is There a Connection?


Originally published April 2010


The reports have been circulating on the internet for more a month. A “complete media blackout” ordered by the United States to prevent American's from learning of a torpedo attack by North Korea upon the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. The Gulf Oil Spill was planned.


The platform which was built by South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd, is said to have been attacked by a North Korean vessel named the Dai Hong Dan.

The report, which is said to have been circulating in the Kremlin, intimates that two days before the assault, the ship left Havana harbor in Cuba, to damage the economy of South Korea and the Gulf coast of the United States.

According to the secret report, the oil rig was not only fired upon by torpedoes, but sustained damaged by a suicide attack by a SSC Sang-o Class Mini Submarine, which detonated directly underneath the platform.


These reports are frightening, horrific, and are sufficient to justify war. They are also completely false.























For several years, similar terrible reports of impending nuclear war, imminent attacks upon the United States by Russia and massive cosmic explosions near the South Pole.


Despite the fact that these dire warnings relate to diverse catastrophes, they all have one thing in common: they begin with the words “By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers”...


A number of rumors have been spread in the name of "Sorcha Faal" over the past few years. None have proved to be true. Despite this fact, many still pass such rumors on the internet.


The following is an email I sent to Ken Adachi in regard to this Sorcha Faal.


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From: Craig Portwood
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Subject: Re Sorcha Faal


Mr. Adachi,


I realize that it has been some time since it was posted, but in regards to your page:


I imagine you may have discovered that Sorcha Faal is most likely the name of an active measures department of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.


They are baiting us just like the American intel service.


Craig Portwood




Hello Craig,



You may be right, I don't really know. Perhaps you can provide more information about that?



There is definitely a connection to a man named David Booth, who many believe is the person behind the Sorcha Faal material.



Sorcha Faal articles generate fear, anxiety, panic, and a sense of hopeless foreboding-much as the articles from the Doom & Gloom, End Times Terminal Madness queen of Australia, Amitakh Stanford.



That's the goal: to keep you on edge and off balance. People can't think clearly when they are in a state of anxiety and that's exactly what the manipulators behind "Sorcha Faal" material are striving for.



Regards, Ken .




----- Original Message -----
From: Craig Portwood
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008
Subject: Re: Re Sorcha Faal




I was intrigued by your site as you do not seem to be ready to accept uncritically, such "info" as is being spread on the alternative media. There is a conspiracy and there is great deception. This does not mean however that it is wise to accept everything which comes our way just because it is supportive of our suspicions.


Regarding “Sorcha Faal”:


I have been informed that Mitch Battros of Earth Changes TV has sent at least two emails to Faal requesting a resume' or curriculum vitae for review to set up a possible interview. To date he has not received any response.


From what I understand, “Sorcha Faal” has claimed some connection with something called Russian Academy of Sciences. There is no evidence that this so-called Russian Academy of Sciences is an acknowledged scientific body, nor is there any indication that it exists at all. There is no record of any doctoral thesis being published in Russia (or anywhere else for that matter) by any Sorcha Faal.


“Sorcha Faal” most likely is a pen name for a misinformation agent, or perhaps even the name of an active measures department (for misinformation/disinformation) of SVR, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.


The world of espionage is a very crafty business. A number of intelligence services are engaged in “active measures” and attempting to either direct/influence the aware believers to achieve their agendas and/or to discredit those of us who understand the times in which we live. These services are not limited to those of the United States, Russia, Israel, China etc.


I spent many years of my youth monitoring Radio Moscow, Radio Kiev, VOA, RSA, Radio Pyongyang and others, analyzing propaganda methods on international shortwave radio.


The advent of internet publication has broadened the scope of the reach of such activities and the techniques have become more sophisticated as the internet facilitates their employment to a greater audience that international radio did in the period from 1970-1995.


Whereas disinformation had a limited impact prior to the internet, we are now overloaded with information today, some good, some bad and most dangerously, some mixed together.


I would be very careful not to act precipitously upon any information presented by Sorcha Faal.


As relates to David Booth, there are some who believe that Sorcha Faal is actually David Booth. There are a number of sources of information on him (unfortunately none can be totally relied upon as they are most likely CIA disinformation ops themselves) which suggest that Booth's book “Code Red: The Coming Destruction of the United States 2004 was plagiarized.


Perhaps the best explanation comes from




“Having been booked on Coast To Coast on Thursday 13th March to talk about Booth's so called meeting with Sister Lucia, witness to the Miracles of Fatima in 1917 Booth refused to elaborate. Both men would only discuss the dream Booth had already talked about on his last appearance on Coast on 23rd February. Once again they told how 97% of the Earth's population would die in September 2004 yet they were still trying to market their books and videos. The interview was promptly and politely cut short.”


I was associated with the “alternative” media on shortwave radio from early 1999 to 2005 (a broadcast called the Beacon of Truth, then the Voice of the Christian Underground) when I was forced off the air by threats and intimidation tactics against radio station (WBCQ) owner Alan Weiner. This after I left another group which I began to suspect had ties to a CIA mind control operation (I worked the audio mixing board and produced programs for James Lloyd's Christian Media Network from late 2000 to 2002). I was also slandered on the internet and on radio to neutralize my message that all this stuff is related to mind control.


Incidentally, Lloyd has followed the same course as David Booth and others.


I have no hard documentation as it is so hard to come by when examining possible CIA ops, but my suspicion is that they are being used to discredit Christianity and perhaps to build a huge database which will contain the names of people susceptible to such mind control techniques.


May you always maintain a critical eye and a courageous tongue.




Also, Epstein didn't kill himself