Patent Medicine Miracles for $ale!

Part II


Black Salve is a dangerous compound. It may indeed have some benefits if used on tumors. Like many other drugs, remedies and treatments, its use can be dangerous and those who use it should recognize the risks.


Below is James Lloyd's "pitch for "Black Salve" (hereafter called "BS"). This was taken from his website. What I find to be most interesting about James Lloyd's association with this product, is that he sued me for saying that he sold dangerous products. Never mind that it was a man called David Wilson who made the allegations, Lloyd decided to sue me without even considering the ramifications of such a foolhardy endeavor.


Click here to learn more about James Lloyd's "health ministry"


Neither of us is a friend of the firmly entrenchedmedical industry. It is important to remember that if one sells an illegal substance (and Black Salve has been declared to be just that by the FDA) one should not accuse others of the same. A drug dealer for example, should avoid making such a claim that another has falsely accused them of such. Such hypocrisy is more than dangerous. Lloyd should have avoided making an issue of illegal activity surrounding Christian Media Network, but he just couldn't help himself. The critical observations below are not related to Black Salve, but Lloyd's hypocrisy in selling a dangerous product while tempting disaster by making false accusations against me. He deserved what he got for his foolishness.


To make a distinction between my comments and those of the "pitch-master", I have made my comments appear in BOLD RED TEXT.

Here is information about a health product that could save your life! (A "conditional promise. It "COULD" save your life.) Because you're looking at this data (he loves to call stuff "data") on this websitem (Lloyd's typo, not mine) you are probably interested in health data that comes from an alternative perspective. (Perspective is one of his favorite buzz words). Like you, I also have a serious distrust of “mainstream” medicine. (which means you are probably the right sucker for his pitch.)


It isn't that we don't like Doctors, it's just that the medical industry seems to be structured so that Doctor's have an incentive to stay within the rather narrow confines of what will benefit them. (How is that un-like James Lloyd?) For example, statistics make it very clear that huge numbers of surgeries are financially motivated – as opposed to what is the very best treatment for the patient. (And you don't have a financial interest in selling this stuff do you James.)


As you probably know, cases of skin cancer are skyrocketing. Some think it's because of the deterioration of the ozone layer (or other environmental factors), while others think it's related to our lack of good nutrition. Regardless, of the cause, the fact is, skin cancers and other growths are spreading very quickly. (We don't care which scenario you believe, as long as your scared enough to buy our BS!)


Abnormal growths take the form of strange looking moles, warts, cysts, and other unusual bumps. Several of these can be indicators of cancer. (Keep scaring them with the "C" word). Worrisome growths can show up just about anywhere, but these days, there seem to be several common types. For instance, women seem to get lumps in their breasts far more often than in previous generations. ( Here he scares the women, who understandably fear losing their breasts to cancer)


The good news is, we have found an herbal remedy that many people say can effectively remove many different types of growths. It's called Black Salve. (Not that I said it will cure your cancer, I have just linked the word growth to the word cancer)


To put it bluntly, this is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. After using this product to successfully remove an unwanted skin growth, I can say without hesitation that I believe this is something that God has given us to use -- under the right circumstances. ( "I believe this is something that God has given us to use" You's a matter of FAITH. This conditional promise is made to keep them from getting sued).


As we studied Black Salve, we learned that it's actually an old Indian herbal remedy. (Remember the "Indian Remedies" mentioned in part 1?) Eventually, we even found the lady that received the formula from a close friend that was from the very family of Native Americans that originally discovered the herbal combination. From her, we've learned a great deal about Black Salve.


A Wart That Kept Coming Back


Before I ever heard about this remedy, I had a nagging wart that kept coming back. I've had them burned off by a Doctor. I used the little chemical “preparation” that smells like ether to slowly burn one off. I even had a physician “freeze” one off – but they always came back.


Then I heard about a strange black paste that you can put on a growth and, over a period of several weeks, it will cause the growth to come out – including the root. By that time, I had figured out that somehow the other methods weren't getting the “root” of the growth, so I decided to find out more about this strange substance. (Like how much money I could make by selling it?)


The product was a pasty, all natural, herbal formula you get in a little jar. It's called Black Salve. ("All natural"! So is strychnine!)


Needless to say, the Black Salve was an amazing success at permanently removing my warts. My wife Susan Lenox tried it on a skin growth she had that was on the side of her temple. It was about a quarter of an inch in diameter, and she was concerned because it did not look like a normal bump. (Susan has a lot of those I'll bet)


Susan put the Black Salve on it, bandaged it, and after only a couple of weeks, it came right out. We both noticed it left a hole of sorts – like a small crater, and we figured this was because it drew out the root as well. (Just a small crater?)


After the `crater' healed up, we saw there was a small scar. However, the scar was so small that compared to the growth that was there, it seems insignificant. We were ecstatic as we realized that here was a little known, all natural remedy that actually worked.


Breast Lumps & Black Moles


Sometime later, my wife's sister came up with a lump very close to her spinal column. She had previously had a breast lump cut out by Doctors, and she was very depressed that she now had another one and might need to have this uncomfortable procedure done again. The physician expressed concerning about cutting so close to her spinal column.


My wife talked it over with her sister, and convinced her to try the Black Salve. It worked perfectly, and the tiny scar it left was even less noticeable than the scar left by the cutting approach she had previously used.


At this point, Black Salve had been used 3 times in our family – and all 3 efforts were very successful. We became very enthusiastic about the herbal product, and began to recommend it to anyone that would listen.


Sometime last year, a close friend of ours asked us about the Black Salve as he had a skin growth he was worried about. We told him about our experience and gave him some of our Black Salve to use. He put it on as Susan and I watched.


He called about 3 weeks later, and he was very excited and told us it was completely dissolved. About the same time, a middle-aged man named Scott came to do some temporary landscaping work at our home. Scott had a rather large, raised protrusion on the back of his hand. (Note the use of testimonials from people without last names whom we don't know.)


This area of his hand covered most of the back of his hand from his knuckles down to his wrist. It was just like an extra layer of hard skin, and Scott said he'd had this thing for about 25 years. This growth was much larger than any abnormal tissue that we'd ever applied the Black Salve to, but Scott said it hurt when he worked, so Susan showed him how to put on the Black Salve paste and bandaged it up (Practicing medicine without a license?).


Shortly after that, Scott went back down to see his family in San Diego, and when he came back up to Oregon, he was like an excited little kid because this large protrusion had finally come out! Every time I saw him, he would say the same thing: “Be sure and thank Susan for that stuff she gave me for my hand!”


Black Salve was 5 for 5! But we were soon to learn that it may not always work, so you need to understand exactly what this compound does in order to decide if you want to try it. (Here is the qualifier: Don't count on the stuff to work).


Our First Disappointment


We had all quickly learned that when the Black Salve is applied, it slowly penetrates abnormal growth cells, and destroys them on a cellular level. It's important that you see that it doesn't cure cancer (Let's stay out of trouble with the Postmaster) – or anything else for that matter. What Black Salve can do is kill abnormal tissue (The implication is clear: Skin cancer is abnormal tissue. We not telling you that it will CURE your cancer...we are telling you that it will KILL YOUR CANCER)– it doesn't deal with whatever caused the growth in the first place. We've found that it can take 2 to 6 weeks depending on the size and consistency of the growth.


We also noticed that as the aberrant tissue dies, it usually changes color, gets moist and frequently oozes an unsightly pus-like liquid. To tell you the truth, it looks quite disgusting. To put it another way, as the growth begins to die, it goes through cellular changes that make it look worse than it did before you put the herbal compound on it! (That sounds like a product I could really use!)


Just like any first-aid book will tell you, it's important to try to keep the area clean, but not to disturb the tissue you're treating. Basically, you put the Black Salve on the problem area (just one application is usually all you need), and try to leave it alone as much as possible while it tries to do its job as it draws up the root.


My wife's father (Gregory Lenox) had a growth and he decided to try the Black Salve. Even though she told him what to expect, when the growth started to react to the herbs, he became alarmed at the sight of it and went to the Doctor. The physician cut out the growth and all was well. It turned out the Black Salve was working just fine (It's just that all that pus and discolorationscared the beans out of him, that's all), but the resulting changes in the tissue can be a bit scary.


We had decided we were going to distribute Black Salve by mail order as we already have a Christian ministry distributing herbal products (the Sound Body ministry group) ( a group of what?), alternative health information, and other religious materials (Other religious materials? you mean like MSM and Co-Lloyd-al silver machines?) However, because of oppressive government regulations and potential product liability problems associated with irresponsible people that could hurt themselves with this, we determined we need to do more than just take orders for the herbal compound. (It's that mean old government again, and the fact that Lloyd could lose his shirt in court).


We decided to create a complete information system (System? This sounds like the guy who had a toupee. It wasn't a "wig", it was a hair replacement system!) so that those considering using Black Salve for the first time can know how it works, and what they can expect if they try it. (Pus oozing from wherever they paste this on their skin) This is the best way for us to make this herbal product available in a responsible manner because everyone that chooses to use this product must do so at their own risk. (Let the buyer beware! Don't blame us if this stuff kills you!)


The first thing we did was to research (how much money we could make by selling) Black Salve and then we came up with an extensive written report on what we were able to find out about it. Then we added some recently acquired knowledge (which is a secret unless you send us money) to the written instructions that were printed by the woman that formulates the herbal paste. As we studied it, we collected over 60 photographs of various cancers and other growths on people that have used Black Salve – sort of a before and after photographic history of numerous cases of skin anomalies, breast cancers, malignant moles, and other abnormal growths that people tried to remove with Black Salve. (To con you into believing this will cure cancer)


When you order the Black Salve System, you receive a printed copy of these photographs, but these photographs may also be viewed online through the link at the bottom of this letter. I would imagine you'll find these images just as shocking as I did. As the photos show, some people have been able to get rid of much larger growths than I would have ever imagined.


In addition to the printed photographic package, the written report, and the usage instructions, we arranged to produce a one-hour radio program on the subject (which is a one hour sales pitch designed to scare the spit out of you) . The cassette features an interview with the woman that received the formula for Black Salve from her friends in the Native American family that originally formulated it. It also features Susan and Kristin Lenox – my wife and her sister respectively – and they both discuss their personal experiences with Black Salve.


Thus, in addition to the Black Salve product itself, we've developed a significant (another favorite Lloyd buzzword) package of information to help you, the potential first time user of Black Salve, to be able to effectively (redundant) evaluate whether or not you choose to use this product.


Last but not least, (gee, that was original) we are so sure you'll be thrilled with the Black Salve package we've developed, we're going to make you an outstanding offer (what makes it outstanding?) – see that also at the bottom of this page. In closing, here at the Sound Body ministry ( to exactly what or whom are you ministering?) , we wish you well as you seek to explore the use of the natural herbs that God has given us in order to be healed. (Again, the statement states that this is of God, this time unqualified by the phrase "we believe".)




James Lloyd

Sound Body


P.S. Some of you know the government is trying to stop people from having the freedom to choose herbal remedies through new laws. Even if you don't need it now, you might consider ordering some Black Salve for future use – while you still can. (Hurry hurry hurry, before the mean old government stops our scam)


Our Conditions To Purchase Black Salve


Number 1. you have to agree not to hold us responsible for whatever goes wrong. (Don't blame us if you were foolish enough to try it!)


The Black Salve Herbal System is $40 postpaid. Because the present regulatory environment for health products is so restrictive (selling poison is restricted) , you need to understand our conditions for purchase. To remove a serious or malignant growth through surgery a physician would charge thousands of dollars, (so paying too much for the stuff is still better that the cost of surgery) and it would probably require chemo or radiation therapy. This is a very low cost herbal remedy that has had amazing results for many people, but we cannot say if this will work for you. We're not Doctors (gotta say that to cover our butts), and we have no way of knowing what your condition is! Therefore, we will not be held responsible for your use of Black Salve! (We scare the piss out of you, tell you that this stuff works, and make lots of money on it, but don't blame us if the stuff kills you!)


We believe that as free Americans, we have the right to decide what is best for us (Sure, now you're standing up for the rights of the common man). This is related to our Christian (Media®) beliefs. In some states it's actually against the law for a physician to prescribe anything except `cut and burn' for cancer! This is an outrage. Many talk about freedom & their trust in God, but most trust the system (Just like James Lloyd who says he trusts God but files a lawsuit against Craig Portwood in the government court system). Because Black Salve is an alternative, natural herbal approach to health problems that places all responsibility for its use on the user, and the associated package is information oriented, we cannot offer refunds. (Sure, like that was going to happen anyway).


In the written report, we discuss positive and negative results. We included case histories & almost all were very successful -- but nothing is without risk (especially when it comes from James Lloyd doing business as Sound Body).


This herbal compound is very, very powerful. That means there is risk. If you study this material and decide you don't want to proceed, great – you will have gotten your money's worth! (Gotta say that) If you study this material, decide it should work for you and proceed with excellent results, great – you will have gotten your money's worth! If you proceed & don't get great results, you will have gotten your money's worth! (Which means that you buy the "study material" and can't send it back once you learn the part we don't tell you here)


A Very Special Offer For The Black Salve Herbal System


The Black Salve Herbal System (It's a system remember) is $40 Postpaid. With your order, you receive a 1 ounce jar of Black Salve, the Sound Body written report which contains our research (and remember we are NOT doctors) , & written instructions on how to apply and monitor the treatment. For no extra charge (define extra) , we include our photographic package featuring over 60 pictures of before, during, and after case histories of people using Black Salve on various parts of their bodies. We will also include a cassette copy of our one-hour radio program entitled Sound Body which includes the question and answer interview with the Black Salve expert (Not a doctor, but an EXPERT!). As an added bonus, we'll throw in a complimentary one-year subscription (a $12 value) to our alternative health newsletter entitled Sound Body! (So we can send you advertising throughout the year..., if you live)


Yes! Please rush me the Black Salve Herbal System. I've enclosed a check, money order, or cash for $40. (The stuff sells for less than one half the price we charge, but remember, this is more than a jar of BS, it's a whole SYSTEM!)