Patent Medicine Miracles for $ale!

Part I



The Opinions expressed here are my own. I believe they are right on target.


You heard me right: Step right up and get yer cure! Dr. Lloyd's Christian Media® Panacea Elixir cures what ails you! Don't be shy! Why It's a "Miracle"®


To understand the "health" orientation of Christian Media®, a little history of patent medicine craze of the 19th century is in order. It is interesting that the advertising industry was created in America to provide exposure of the public to these products.


Many patent medicines were touted as "Indian Remedies"

The words "patent medicine" refer to products that were marketed, mostly in the 19th century, as medicines that would cure a host of diseases. Many of the diseases which these medicines were supposed to cure are still not curable today (cancer for example). Why did people buy these products? Ignorance and hope! People wanted to believe in a "Magic" formula so badly, that any huckster who knew just exactly what the people wanted to hear, armed with self confidence and a good sales pitch, would have them "eating out of his hand".


Products such as Winer's Syrup of Hoarhound or Pectoral Syrup of Hoarhound and Elecampane were guaranteed to cure any malady. Home remedies were available in stores and catalogs as well as by direct mail from manufacturers.


As Americans began moving from the country to the cities, and began to have what economists describe as "disposable income", they became ripe targets for some entrepreneurial types who thrived on the ignorance of the people. The communication industry had seen explosive growth, and the printed word became a powerful vehicle for the proliferation of patent medicines.


These products appealed to the peoples desire to have some exotic new concoction. Playing upon the peoples fear of death and superstition, helped along by alarming yet reassuring advertisements, sales went through the roof, appealing to the unwary by using religion and patriotism. There were medicines revealed by God, passed on by Indian medicine men, discovered by preacher's wives, and formulated at universities that existed only in the back room of the proprietors' offices. The tendency of ministers of the gospel to speak a good word for patent medicines in the public print had soon been apparent ...Back in 1840, the Connecticut Medical Society passed a sharply worded resolution calling attention to the fact that ‘the clergy, who have been recipients of free medical attention seem to be turning a pretty penny by endorsing "quack medicines.”


These successful marketing techniques are still in use today. Each brand of elixir, swore to provide the vital key to health, and there was nothing that these remedies could not do. Cancer and arthritis, baldness and epilepsy would all succumb to the power of these products. Wherever there was a need, a cure was offered to all who could afford them. The remedies were sometimes laced with cocaine, caffeine, opium, or morphine.


The most successful patent medicine of the century was "Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound". She became interested in home remedies after the death of several family members, and she turned to the Occult and spiritualism. Like most Americans, she was convinced that Divine Providence had stocked the promised land with vegetables and herbs unknown elsewhere that could cure disease.


Mrs. Pinkham began heavy promotion of the medicine in Boston newspapers in 1876, and her son attached his mother's picture to the product. Thus was born modern advertising.


Mrs. Pinkham was popular with her female followers for her feminist bent, and for the fact that she encouraged them to write her for advice.


After the publication of "The Great American Fraud" by investigative journalist Samuel Hopkins Adams in Colliers Weekly in the year 1905, the fortunes of these hucksters began to reverse.


Mr. Adams, observed how foolish people acted in buying these so called "medicines." In the articles he noted: "The American quality of shrewdness fails us when we go out to buy medicine. When the average American sets out to buy a horse, he is a model of caution. But look again when he is seeking the most precious of all possessions, sound health. He becomes an inveterate gull."


After the publication of these articles, along with Upton Sinclair's Novel "The Jungle" (which dealt with the unclean practices, common in the meat industry), Congress passed the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906. That, in combination with the United States Post Office Department, enforcing laws against mail fraud, began to spell the end of this type of quackery for almost 100 years.


Sadly, the people who are the greatest risk of being conned in this way, are those people who believe they cannot be duped. That has not changed in 100 years, and the least savvy of such individuals belong to the group which calls itself "Remnant Christians". They have a mistrust of "the system", and are willing to believe almost anything which runs counter to that propagated in mainstream culture.

Miracle II

A man named Clayton Tedeton has recently run into a bit of trouble, as he was found to be "working" the contemporary disenfranchised Christians for their money. Mr. Tedeton has a product which he calls "Miracle II, The Anointed Miracle Soap". The more educated of you already realize that the English word "anointed", is the same word we have in the king James Bible, which is the title of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Mr. Tedeton claims that his products are anointed with the Holy Spirit.


His advertising (which would be in comfortable company with the snake oil peddled in 19th century America) states:





The company's web site states that "Miracle II is a miraculous supernatural product that contains Spiritual and Eloptic Energy beyond measure." The site contains a 14-minute audiotape in which Clayton Tedeton claims that in 1980 God had revealed the formula to him and that tens of thousands of people have called to say that the product had healed their infirmities


His testimony begins "First, I would like to say that God must be given all the credit, all glory, and all praise for the Miracle II concept. It was He who gave me the formula for this amazing product, awakening me at 1:00 a.m. that July morning in 1980. Names of minerals with the formulas on how to mix them were all miraculously flashed on my bedroom wall".


"The name Miracle II is just that, it was my second miracle from God. My first miracle came when I healed after watching a television evangelist point his finger at me and saying, "There is a man out there that God is going to heal."


The evangelist Clayton Tedeton spoke of was the "name it and claim it" prosperity preacher Oral Roberts. This is the same Oral Roberts who told his audience "God told me that he would 'take me home' if I don't raise 2 million dollars..." His followers sent him the cash. Now ask yourself a question: Is God an extortionist who threatens to kill his followers if they don't give him money? Of course not, but these con men know that if you will fall for the likes of such charlatans, you are made to order for their scams.


Mr Tedeton goes on to say "One day later at 1:00 a.m. the formulation for Miracle II was miraculously flashed on my bedroom wall. The days following this I began to assemble and mix this product. The voice of God told me what to name it and how to package it."


"God started sending people to me, telling me of the healing merits of both the SOAP and the NEUTRALIZER. Skin cancers being healed were the first healings I heard about from my customers. Then, other healing reports began to come in; Psoriasis, warts, poison ivy, bedsores, athletes' foot, and many other skin problems."


"Customers began to tell me how they used it to kill fire ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, ticks, and many other insects. God has revealed that this product, once it becomes known, will revolutionize CLEANING and will be the answer to HEALTH PROBLEMS, and it will also be a miracle in AGRICULTURE. It will also be the means of employment for people everywhere; thousands of people are selling Miracle II nationwide at this time, and giving the Glory to God".


It is interesting how his product can distinguish between pests (fire ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, ticks, etc), and humans and their pets and other "good animals". This product is touted to be toxic to those malignant creatures, and non-toxic to the benign. This is the same claim James Lloyd makes about "Black Salve" (abbreviated BS). It will kill "abnormal cells", and leave "normal cells" unharmed.


A Miracle II brochure titled "Telling the Good News" states that the profits coming from the sale "Miracle II products", go to the Miracle II Outreach Center. If anyone can find any information on this "Miracle II Outreach Center" I would be obliged if they would send it to me. From all appearances this "Outreach Center" like Mr. Tedeton, and the soap he peddles is a fraud. This is the very same wording used in James Lloyd's "Sound Body Ministry Outreach!"


He also states that God has given him "...a MASTERS DEGREE in SPIRITUAL CHEMISTRY, MEDICINE, NERVOLOGY and AGRICULTURE..." 


On August 12, 2003, the FDA has warned Tedco, Inc, of West Monroe, Louisiana, to stop claiming that its "Miracle II Soap," "Miracle II Neutralizer," "Miracle II Neutralizer Gel," and "Miracle II Skin Moisturizer" are effective against aches, pains; acne, AIDS, allergies, Alzheimer's disease, athlete's foot, arthritis, bed sores, bronchitis, burns, cuts, scratches, bruises, cancer; earache, hemorrhoids, herpes, ulcers, high blood pressure, skin cancer and many other health problems.


Mr. Tedeton's followers remain nonplussed, and are more willing to believe that Tedeton is the victim of unrighteous persecution, than to believe they are the victims of a fraud. Perhaps this is the price of their willful ignorance.


It is interesting that God chose to give Tedeton a formula for soap, seeing as this product is exempt from legal requirements which demand that all ingredients be listed on the products container!





Shortly after the birth of the Christian Media Network®, James discovered the huge profit margins to be realized by selling "Alternative Health" merchandise. Recognizing the mistrust of Physicians among many Americans (which is certainly not without foundation), and the ambient paranoia of his listeners (which he fosters, and makes great efforts to facilitate), James Lloyd has worked tirelessly to capitalize upon their fears. Such people who mistrust "the system", are ripe targets for a savvy entrepreneur such as James Lloyd, who thrives on their ignorance, their desperation, and lack of sophistication. It is the milieu in which con artistry, and fraud grow best.

James Lloyd Fraud

The most fraudulent device sold by Christian Media® without question, is the Colloidal Silver Generator. Of course, given James' enormous ego, he has named his device the "co-LLOYD-al" silver generator (see advertisement below, right). By fraudulent, I do not mean to say that the device is worthless, nor do I doubt the efficacy of silver suspended in water.


Doctors have used a solution of silver nitrate, to wash the eyes of newborn babies, to prevent blindness of babies born to mothers who are infected with syphilis for many years.


The fraud involved, is in the fact that the battery operated device sold by Christian Media®, is nothing more that a plastic box, having 3-9 volt battery caps wired together in series to provide 27 volts DC, with an "alligator" clip on each end. Although anybody could make one simply for less that $10.00, Lloyd sells his version for $62.00! Perhaps the fact that Lloyd believes that this device is worth to his followers, more than 6 times the cost of assembling one at home, rests in the fact that, his machine has the "LLOYD" name associated with it (There's no hint of self worship is there?).


Of course, you can buy the "solar powered Colloydal Silver Generator" for $158.00 if you like. Although Lloyd states in his ad that his device has "...a proprietary design...", a simple inspection will reveal that it is nothing more than 2-12 volt solar panels (meant to "trickle charge" automobile batteries) wired in series to provide 24 volts DC.


The word "proprietary" (for those who don't know) is defined as:


  1. Of, relating to, or suggestive of a proprietor or to proprietors as a group, as in the sentence: He had proprietary rights.
  2. Exclusively owned; private, as in: a proprietary hospital.
  3. Owned by a private individual or corporation under a trademark or patent: a proprietary drug.

Lloyd silver fraud machine

So it would appear that James either believes he has the sole right to wire these things together (and sell them), or he wants you to believe the same.


These devices (it takes 2 of them to produce the required voltage) sell for about $25.00 each. You can price them easily enough, by calling Direct Sales Inc. at 1 (800) 221-6532, or you can go to their webpage by clicking on their logo at the right. Of course, you will have to wire them yourself (put a red wire and a black wire together). The cost of 2 solar panels will run about $50.00, versus more than $150.00 for one with the "Lloyd" name.

Direct Sales

Also stated in Lloyd's advertisement, is the line "...we have developed..." the device. Now honestly, does anyone really believe that James Lloyd "developed" this thing? This is a perfect example of HYPERBOLE (commonly shortened to the word "HYPE") which is Lloyd's stock in trade. The same hype is used in everything from his commercials, to his "prophecy". This is the type of advertising aimed at the simpletons of this world, that the patent medicine/snake oil peddlers have used since day one. If you fall for his pitch, he is certain that you will never know you "have been had".


Are you feeling tired? Are your joints hurting from old age? Step right up and get some PURE MSM powder from Christian Media®. At only $28.70 per pound, you can feel like a child again, and you can have that "smooth as a babies bottom" feel all over.


Never mind the fact that you buy it elsewhere for half that price. James Lloyd's Christian Media®, Applegate Ranch®, Sound Body®, products have the Holy Spirit Seal of Approval! Now it is not stated as such, but it is certainly implied in the fact that Lloyd claims that his merchandise is being sold not by a merchant, but by a "Ministry". The connection is subtle, but undeniable.


I have taken MSM in the past, and I can guarantee two things about the product.


1. It will make your joints ache less with continual use, however;


2. Once you begin to use it, you must take it regularly or the pains will return with increased intensity. That is to say, once you stop using it, there are painful withdrawal symptoms associated with cleaning it out of your system. The medical profession calls this phenomenon ADDICTION. And addiction is every patent medicine man's best friend. Again, this is just my experience.


Of course if you are not given to caution as relates to your health, you can step right up and buy MSM eye-drops. Of course, after the nasty old Food and Drug Administration decided that MSM (which has avoided classification as a "medicine" because it has been sold as a "nutritional supplement") eye drops are not "food", the peddlers simply began calling the product "MSM Water Drops", thereby sidestepping the issue on a "technicality". I would not advise you to get any of the stuff in you eyes! Susan Lenox has stated that this solution will dissolve cataracts, and yet does no harm to the eyes. They are your eyes, and you can do with them as you please, but you have been warned.


Which brings us to the topic of the "Sound Body Ministry".

Sound Body with Susan Lenox

Sound Body is an invention of James Lloyd. Stripped of all the hype, it is easy to see that it serves 2 purposes.


1. It makes Susan feel important. After all, if her (claimed) college degree is in geology, what qualifies her to "teach" on health? She can now be proud (like her husband the "Profit"), and pretend to be an expert on many things she cannot pronounce.


For example, the product "Yerba Maté" (pronounced YUR- buh- muw- TAY) becomes YER- buh- MAY- tee, when Susan tries to say the word. There are other examples of her tendency towards malapropism, but it is sound advice to learn to say words correctly before uttering them on the radio, while holding yourself out to be an expert.


2. The primary purpose of the "Sound Body Ministry" is that it gives Lloyd a vehicle to sell his high priced, low efficacy health products to an ignorant, superstitious audience.


To increase sales volume at Christian Media®, Lloyd has also begun publishing yet another newsletter, geared toward the same unwary consumers, named (you guessed it) "Sound Body. This is said to be Susan's "ministry", although a precursory examination of this advertising vehicle shows that Susan does not write any articles in it.


Usually, when one attaches their name to a publication, they have a part in its authorship. The articles in the "Sound Body" newsletter, are either attributed to an unnamed "staff writer", or as in the June 2004 issue, (or October 2003 depending upon whether or not you have the online version or the print edition) to a PSYCHIATRIST.


Sigmund FraudPsychiatry, is a black art, which removes God and personal accountability from the equation of human behavior, and places man in the role of a mere animal (without a soul), and casts man (using the title of Psychiatrist) in the role of God. It's practice fulfils the role of sorcery, as described in the Bible. This is not out of character for James Lloyd, who supports Freud's suppositions of collective cultural amnesia, to sell his doctrine (and books) on planet X, supported by Freudian Theologian Emmanuel Velikovsky.


The fact that the very word psychiatry means a "Doctor of the Soul", should send any Christian who has even a modicum of Biblical foundation, running the other way. Man's soul is indeed sick. The only physician who can treat the illness is Jesus Christ. But Jesus doesn't lend himself to a marketing effort in the way a sorcerer will, and so Christian Media Theology, and 21st century marketing make more comfortable bedfellows. It is a very harmonious marriage of convenience.


If you were to open either a "Sound Body"© newsletter, an Apocalypse Chronicles© newsletter, or a copy of the Christian Media Newspaper©, you cannot help but notice that except for the first page, they are deluged with advertising for Christian Media® merchandise.


Rather than having a newsletter that is supported by advertising, you find advertising that is supported by articles. All of James Lloyd's publications are advertising vehicles, which use articles, which are targeted to the products. And inside every edition of the "Sound Body" newsletter, you will find ads for every dubious, high priced remedy, that Lloyd can cut a good deal on.


Of course. Lloyd has printed under the logo at the top of the page, "A Christian media Ministry Outreach". What exactly is he reaching out to? Your wallet of course!


Did Christ advertise and sell products? Imagine having a Bible with advertisements on every page! Could you imagine hearing Jesus saying, "...we will continue this sermon on the mount, right after a word from the Association of Fishermen of Galilee"? Yet the undiscerning mass of Christianity, yearning for a product which promises the impossible, flock to these hucksters in droves.


And they pay high dollar for the same products others sell for less that half the price. Consider a Lloyd favorite: Coral Calcium. Why pay $85 for 2.2 pound bag Coral Calcium from a legitimate vendor, when you can pay James Lloyd $75.00 for less than half that amount? It sure beats me!


The latest Commercial Merchandise Nostrum is called "Black Salve" (Abbreviated BS) Although this product is not exactly touted by James Lloyd and Susan Lenox to cure skin cancer, they claim it will kill "kill abnormal tissue"! Now if you should become ill and complain that the product didn't cure your cancer (or kill your "abnormal tissue"), you are told you have no recourse. That's just tough!


We will examine the word games Lloyd plays in his sales pitch for black salve in the second installment of this supplement. It is interesting that he admits that tissue treated with black salve "...usually changes color, gets moist and frequently oozes an unsightly pus-like liquid..." I suppose that because his operation has come under greater scrutiny than ever before, he has become a little gun shy of late, and as more people become wise to his modus operandi, he wants to be certain to "cover his assets".


Of course, just as the traveling medicine men of yesteryear, Lloyd claims that God endorses the product, saying: "I can say without hesitation that I believe this is something that God has given us to use..."


Of course, you are not just getting a jar of Black Salve (BS) your getting a complete "system".


We will examine the claims Lloyd makes for his BS System in Part II of this report.


Editors Note: James Lloyd (Doing Business as Christian Media Network®) filed a lawsuit to keep you from knowing the truth about this matter. James Lloyd lost his lawsuit


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