Mind control - American style



A nation deceived



There has been much back and forth in the media about Barack Obama and his plans for America's future. It might be comical if not for the fact that much of what is posted in defense of these plans is lacking in reason. The assumption is that if you are not supportive of Obama (or the Democrat agenda), you must be Republican. This makes as much sense as assuming that if something is not black, it must be white. This misrepresentation of fact is the practice of mind manipulation in its highest form.






















2nd Timothy 3:12-13


Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.  



The American people were set up. It is important to realize that the main thing Obama had going for him in the election is that he was not John McCain.


The plain truth is that neither of the two main political parties has the best interests of the common people in mind. They are all self glorifying, uncaring (expletive deleted) who seek to please the moneyed interests who in turn, pay the politicians for their support. Though they often come pretending to care about our welfare, they in reality serve themselves.

This authors take on the 2008 election (selection really because WE THE PEOPLE have no voice in which candidates are put on the ballot) is that the socialists (Democrats if you prefer) had expected that Hillary Clinton would win. McCain, far from having a legitimate shot at becoming president, was merely a fall guy, a ‘good soldier’ who would take a hit for the good of his party.


After Bush, ‘Dick’ Cheney and the others so raped the American people while draining the economy to satisfy their personal avarice, nobody in their right mind would vote Republican, save for a few die-hard Republicans who held their noses in the voting booth while selecting McCain. Not that electing McCain would have changed anything. The move towards socialism would have simply worn another mask.


Fooling the masses to embrace socialism


Those who profit from the socialist agenda had hoped to have their left leaning candidate Hillary Clinton 'elected.' Of course, to have a woman elected to the presidency (especially Hillary), one needed an opponent who had an even more serious deficit. They needed someone who was unelectable but who would be articulate enough and would put up enough of a fight to make the show look real. They chose Obama because he had a seemingly incurable defect; he was black.

McCain could not win because he was associated with G.W.Bush and Obama was expected to lose because of race. They did miscalculate in that, Hillary was so odious to even her own party that Obama looked good in comparison. In essence, the fight was rigged. The truth is that the fight has always been rigged, at least in our lifetimes. No matter, Obama would play ball with anyone who could insure his place at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Who would dare to oppose him? The major news media is too fearful of holding Obama to the same standard to which they have held those who have gone before him, all for fear of being branded ‘racist.’ Those who say that Fox News is opposing him, cannot understand that Fox is merely presenting a facade, a fake front to act to diffuse the expected social discontent. Performing the function of a lightning rod, they are in effect, a paper tiger. 


The deception

The Democrats and the Republicans are merely two sides of the same coin. Americans cannot understand this because they are manipulated, managed, massaged and led by television. It is classic mind control. Those in power have used proven thought stopping techniques to keep Americans from thinking for themselves.


The mechanism

Those who oppose Obama will be and are portrayed as racist. Had Hillary been elected, the same people would be branded as sexist. By infusing highly charged, emotional buzzwords into their arguments, the manipulators are guaranteed victory as, by and large, Americans have lost their ability to discern, to discriminate (another word which has taken on negative connotations) between right and wrong. So, when things get too cold, America is encouraged to jump into the fire without considering the consequences, convinced that they have no reasonable alternative. And jump they do.

As in the past, the people will take sides, rooting for one of two opposing teams in a rigged game. Tempers will flare, passions will ignite. While the media directs our attention to the political magician's hand waiving in the air, few will notice that his other hand is in their pocket. The masses will again turn to their TV and will return to the illusion that their political views and actions matter.

As they sit passively while being programmed, none consider the fact that their perception is but fantasy, an electronic hallucination meant to keep them docile. Meanwhile, the conspiracy continues unnoticed and those who truly control things from behind the scenes laugh at the ignorant masses. They mock the sheep in derision as the livestock frantically run to and fro, blind to the reality that they are being led to the shearing arena, then to the slaughterhouse.


The evidence

Keep this in mind: When America sold out to China, who was the advance man? Was it a liberal Democrat who would be easily opposed politically? No. It was Richard Nixon, the ‘staunch anti-Communist.’ He and then Chinese premier Chou En-lai drank a toast to the building of  “a new world order.”  Is it mere coincidence that the Chinese military were given a lease on the Long Beach California Naval Station? It was only under intense pressure from the locals that the Long Beach Harbor Commission voted to cancel the lease. A similar deal with the Chinese was more successful. They now have a strategic position at both ends of the Panama Canal

When America surrendered to the Soviet Union (they called it ‘détente’), who was it who made the deal? Why, it was that old ‘right-wing-warrior’ Ronald Reagan. Socialism moves forward masquerading as free enterprise and Democracy.  Of course, most Americans simply cannot get their heads around the concept. The behind the scenes string-pullers know this and move forward, confident in the belief that the people have not the cognitive ability to comprehend the bigger picture.

Consider these facts: Prior to the declaration of war on Afghanistan and Iraq (or shortly thereafter), Bush ‘borrowed’ at least $750 billion from China. Now, Chinese Maj. Gen. Luo Yuan, has called for economic warfare against the U.S. over arms sales to Taiwan and urged selling off China's $750 billion in holdings of U.S. debt securities to cripple the nation. The same amount ($750 billion) was used to prosecute the war for profit in Iraq. In 2008, the same amount ($750 billion) was withdrawn from the American economy, causing what became known as the ‘banking crisis.’  

Is it really that much of a stretch of intellect to understand what has happened? We the people have been deceived and sold out to the highest bidder. Connect the dots. 




The Bible foretold what we could expect in these end time. Christians are persecuted while deception reigns.


Revelation 18:23 


And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.



Of course, it’s much easier to go back to sleep than take a stand for the truth. Turn on the TV and grab another beer. Gilligan’s Island is coming on. 

Meanwhile, the world moves closer to judgment, disinterested in and unaware of her fate.