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The true story of James Lloyd doing business as Christian Media Network.

By Craig Portwood


Craig at James Lloyd's Applegate cattle ranch in 2001

My name is Craig Portwood and it is my image above.


In early 1999 from Jacksonville Oregon, I began a broadcast on international shortwave radio station WGTG in McCaysville Georgia, which became known as the Beacon of Truth.


In March of the following year, James Lloyd dba the James Lloyd Group , began the broadcasting company which he named Christian Media Network. In May of that year and at Lloyd's insistence, I moved my broadcast to his network. Little more than a year later, I began working for his network. I left Christian Media Network in May of 2002 under satisfactory terms (Also archived Here). A month later, I moved the Beacon of Truth broadcast to radio station WBCQ in Montecello Maine. Unbeknownst to me, James apparently feared loss of "clients", "customers and other such things as the Beacon of Truth has never had nor desired to have.


In October of 2002, in what could be called a neutralization campaign, being moved by this apparent fear of damage to his "economic relations" and with no warning and without provocation, James Lloyd began a malicious smear campaign on the internet and the radio, against me and Linda Kristich, in an apparent attempt to destroy the Beacon of Truth ministry.


Among other things, Lloyd accused me of being involved in a conspiracy to defraud a man out of his inheritance "...to start a new Christian radio network". In the short space of a few months, I went from being a respected member of the community, to a deranged, marijuana puffing "snake in the grass" who had "run off to shack up" "...with the wife of one of (his) listeners and he implied that I was improperly involved with her 7 year old boy. He said he had proof.


When at long last, (5 years later) Lloyd was given an opportunity to present his "evidence" of all of these allegations in court he refused, hiding behind a statute of limitations defense.


After suffering three months of vicious cowardly personal attacks of this sort by the Christian Media "ministry", I began writing my recollections of James Lloyd of the Apocalypse Chronicles and Sound Body host Susan Lenox. I began this this website to tell the truth of the matter and tell what Lloyd had done to me. For this, I was sued. At great personal cost did I win the battle for the right to tell this story. This book bears witness to the true nature and spirit of James Lloyd doing business as Christian Media Network. Some may find it impossible to believe that a "ministry" would behave in such way. When Lloyd's vicious campaign against me began, I counted him as a friend and I couldn't believe it either.


That Lawsuit begun by James Lloyd dba Christian Media Network was filed as I was posed to examine the underhanded, sleazy campaign he began against me. That lawsuit, was the vehicle which provided me with much of the documentation I present here. Most notable is the fact that Lloyd and Lenox had to admit in court documents that they had been using drugs over the course of the"... past ten years..." . Other admissions include the fact that they lived together for years without the benefit of marriage . Thus, after falsely accusing innocent believers , we discover that James Lloyd and Susan Lenox are guilty of far worse.


That this was done as in the story in the book of Esther, by means of a device which Lloyd himself built, was sweet justice, however much the price at which it came. Thus Lloyd creates a poison pill and then threw it into the well. He was made to drink from that well in April of 2007.


Impossible you say?


Read on.





James Lloyd suing Christians in the name of Jesus


James Lloyd has maintained that Craig Portwood lied about him in the essay; Prophecy for Sale: The Hidden History of Christian Media Network. Yet, he lost the lawsuit and yet the essay remains. Get the picture?


The History


In 2000, James Lloyd dba CMN successfully drew me into broadcasting on his Christian Media Network, away from on radio station WINB and eventually away from my job in Jacksonville Oregon as well.


I worked for him and Susan Lenox of the Sound Body broadcast, as an on site radio show producer. In May of 2002, I left Christian Media Network.



James Lloyd and his dead lawsuit


Shortly thereafter, in October of 2002, James Lloyd, owner of the Jacksonville Oregon based "The James Lloyd Group, "Christian Media Network"® and publisher of the "Christian Media Newspaper©, the "Christian Media Currents"© newsletter, the "Apocalypse Chronicles"© Newsletter, the "Sound Body"© Newsletter, and host the the daily, 2 hour radio broadcast "The Apocalypse Chronicles"© (which Mr. Lloyd himself describes as an "attack ministry"), began a smear campaign against me, in an attempt at pre-emptive damage control, with the hope that I would not go public with any information I had gained about him, his wife Susan Lenox, and his commercial enterprise, over the course of my 2 year tenure with him.


That campaign was the catalyst which led me to examine many aspects of Christian Media doctrines, practices, and philosophies which had troubled me, but which my personal loyalty to James Lloyd had prevented at the time.


Beginning in February 2003, rather than to simply refute the accusations point by point, I began to publish a history of what occurred to me during my association with Christian Media Network along with an in depth look into the occult doctrines, hypocritical practices, and perennial false prophecies emanating from the man, using outside sources, documented history, and perhaps most damning of all, the very words of James Lloyd himself.


"A Profit in His Own Words", recorded live from his radio broadcast. These audio files illustrate the false predictions and unscriptural teachings of James Lloyd.


In 2003, James Lloyd began to reissue these 1998 predictions, that America would now be destroyed in June of 2003, then July 4th 2003, and then stated that it must happen before November 14, 2003. Predictably none of these events occurred.


James Lloyd and Sound Body host Susan Lenox fulfill something very, very deadly!


Maybe God will overlook the truth on a "technicality"?


On June 14, 2004, after 7 months of declining sales of his books, tapes, and other merchandise (and two weeks before the start of the re-predicted July 4th 2004 'tribulation"), James Lloyd (dba CHRISTIAN MEDIA NETWORK), filed a $200,000.00 lawsuit against me and 4 unnamed individuals, in an effort to keep his customers from knowing the truth about him and his operation. This is a record of that lawsuit.


Oddly enough, the complaint admitted several points I had made in the report "Prophecy for Sale" over which he sued.Among the admissions are the fact that CHRISTIAN MEDIA NETWORK is a business entity which is registered with the government (which James Lloyd calls "The Beast"), that his listeners are considered to be "customers" with whom James Lloyd has a "financial relationship", and that Christian Media Network was not begun to spread the gospel of our Savior but instead, is in place so that James Lloyd and Susan Lenox can make a financial profit using the faith of believers as a vehicle for that end.


Also revealed during the lawsuit are admissions by James Lloyd and Susan Lenox that they have been "substance (drug) abusers" within the "last 10 years" and that they are "hypocrites" (their lawyers words) because they lived together, unmarried for at least 4 years, all during the time they were engaged in "Christian Ministry". This was the same period of time when Susan Lenox filed a restraining order, seeking protection from James after a drunken rape attempt during which James destroyed her property and assaulted her physically. 


In his initial filing, there are several references to internet "Bulletin Boards" (which have since been removed from the internet under threats) which I did not control, which mocked James Lloyd and some of his "Clients".


In another interesting development, while claiming that he has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in "profits", Mr. Lloyd himself has stated publicly that he PAYS NO INCOME TAXES however, it seems as though the umbrella organization "The James Lloyd Group" of which few of his followers are aware, DOES PAY INCOME TAXES . He has also stated under oath, in open court that he has a six figure income from his mail order company.


In an even stranger development, James Lloyd and Susan Lenox  sued Linda Kristich for an additional $200,000.00 and fought successfully to have any mention of the Holy Bible removed from the court proceedings. You can read about James Lloyd's attack upon the Bible by following this link.. An Oregon jury (of Lloyd's own choosing) returned a verdict against him, finding James Lloyd guilty of defaming Linda "WITH MALICE"! 


Malice is defined as:


1: A desire to cause pain, injury, or distress to another.


 2 : An intent to commit an unlawful act or cause harm without legal justification or excuse.


Below are links to just some of the documents which relate to the lawsuit.


Hear the final lawsuit update.e e includes a sample of audio clips I have titled


Dangerous Products: James Lloyd and the Black Salve Fraud


James Lloyd's Violent Sexual History


To recap, I left the Christian Media Network cult in May of 2002 with several months pay in my pocket and a song in my heart. James Lloyd, fearing that I was about to start a competing network, in the best tradition of cult operating procedure, decided to murder my good name and began a slander campaign along with a couple of his cult followers. They have since been exposed and most have left the cult and quit pretending to follow Christ.


Even though he had made yet another prediction of impending destruction of America which he "prophesied" would begin on July 4th, 2003, Lloyd immediately filed a lawsuit against me, presumably to keep me from spilling the beans about his identical 1998 prediction. Of course, if he had really been given a prophecy from God concerning a 2004 "Tribulation" he would not have bothered to sue my for any reason but his listeners are not the sharpest knives in the drawer and they paid little attention to the facts and complete attention to James. In any event, nn June 14, 2004, "James Lloyd" Sound Body host Susan Lenox "doing business as CHRISTIAN MEDIA NETWORK", filed a lawsuit against me (Craig Portwood), and four fictitious entities which were described as "John Does 1-4".


The filing (called a "complaint" in legalese) appeared to have been written by Lloyd himself (given the many James Lloyd "buzzwords" contained therein), and was signed by their lawyer JASON BROUHARD. The complaint was very sloppy and contained the wrong statutes. I imagine that his lawyer Mr. Jason Scott Brouhard has now become quite embarrassed by it. It was clear that it was not meant to be a serious complaint, but was another foolish James Lloyd move made only to intimidate.


In March of 2004, I tried to convince them that all would be forgiven if only they would apologize for their slander and libel. They responded by making even more accusations. I published an open letter which challenged them to "prove up". I asked nothing else, but they have shown that they are willing to spend every last dime they have to defend their enormous pride.


After I filed an answer and counter complaint against his frivolous lawsuit against me, CHRISTIAN MEDIA decided that it was a good idea to publish even more lies about me, in an article which they called "The Wrath of Mr. Wormwood." An Oregon jury has since agreed with my assesment that he is an evil man as they found James Lloyd guilty of defaming me and Linda Kristich "with malice."


Aside from the fact that this action shows no personal class on the part of those associated with CHRISTIAN MEDIA (not to mention the juvenile name calling contained in the title), adding more defamatory fuel to the fire of a lawsuit proved to be a VERY stupid move. This is akin to a criminal going out of his way to commit another criminal act before going before a judge on a similar charge. In this article, it was alleged by innuendo, that I was guilty of crimes of child molestation (which is similar to another slur on my character made in the past which was published and sanctioned by CHRISTIAN MEDIA) drug abuse and more. I submitted to a drug test to clear my name. They cannot submit to drug testing because Lloyd and Lenox are dopers who use their followers donations to get high.


Of course, I have NO criminal past unlike James Lloyd and Susan Lenox who had to"freely admit" before the judge, through their lawyer Jason Brouhard that they have been using drugs for "...the past 10 years..." I have never been accused of violent crimes as has James Lloyd and Susan Lenox.


Lloyd also falsely alleged that I instigated Linda Kristich's divorce. No such evidence surfaced throughout the three year lawsuit but evidence did surface which proves that James Lloyd did indeed interfere with her divorce. He also mailed a "packet" of some sort, which made several serious (unsubstantiated) accusations to Linda's husband's lawyer in an effort to influence that lawsuit. One need only listen to this recorded telephone conversation between Linda's daughter Nicole and her father, James Kristich to know that James Lloyd did indeed interfere in Linda Kristich's divorce. Thanks to the lawsuit, James Lloyd's perjury and hypocrisy are now part of the public record.


Now I ask you: What kind of person would accuse someone of being a child molester and a drug addict without any proof and further make those accusations in the dark shadows behind the scenes to keep people from knowing what has been done? What kind of "Christian" would meddle in another persons divorce? How wicked does one have to be to knowingly falsely accuse someone of being a drug addict while being under the influence of narcotics themselves?


This is explained as the type of "Christians" Christ warned us about in Matthew 24:10-12


"And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold"


My past has been researched by an investigator hired by CHRISTIAN MEDIA NETWORK and paid for by their supporters with "God's money", and has not turned up any criminal record on me or Linda Kristich, because none exists to be found.


I was also been accused of "pasting a picture of CHRISTIAN MEDIA co-owner Susan Lenox's head onto a picture of a naked woman's body" and posting that picture on my website). There has never been any such picture on my website and there has never been any proof offered which could support such a silly allegation.


My own brother was also accused on the internet by CHRISTIAN MEDIA, of bringing me "a shipment" of marijuana.


Linda Kristich was also maliciously defamed by CHRISTIAN MEDIA because they believed that she had shown me kindness and was falsely accused in the same article of making allegations against her ex husband of sexually abusing their son, even though there is not so much as a shred of proof which could even be twisted into supporting such an allegation.


Because of these vicious lies, Linda sent a demand for retraction to James Lloyd on August 26. 2004.


A few days later, in what appeared to have been a retaliation for demanding a retraction of these vicious lies, CHRISTIAN MEDIA (through council) purported to serve her with a subpoena (illegally). Upon protest of this unlawful act, a genuine subpoena was served upon her, to force her to be party to a deposition. She voluntarily appeared only to find that James Lloyd and Susan Lenox had set up their audio recording equipment from CHRISTIAN MEDIA NETWORK (once again in violation of the law, as no legal notice was presented stating that electronic devices were to be used), and then began taking her photograph in a flagrant violation of ethical legal practices. As Linda tried to carry on despite these antics, James and Susan continued to smirk, laugh, and made several other attempts to distract Linda's concentration which adversely affected her testimony.


Linda has also had to act as her own attorney, as she is a single mother on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay $200.00 an hour for legal council, as can CHRISTIAN MEDIA. Another subpoena was served which demanded that she be deposed on a WEDNESDAY (the same day of the week as the Voice of the Christian Underground broadcast), and the motion seeking protection was filed with the court. A court date was scheduled to hear the motion, but CHRISTIAN MEDIA fought to schedule the hearing a week early, one day after Linda received their answer to her motion. This meant that she did not have time to adequately prepare an argument.




We appeared in court (she as the "movant" and myself as a party to the lawsuit), and the Judge was angry with James Lloyd, Susan Lenox, and their attorney, because of their unethical behavior. The Judge ruled that they were NOT to take photographs during any deposition, and that they had to allow me time to return home to do the broadcast. In the meantime, it has become known that James and Susan have contacted my landlord, sending a photo of me which I was asked to pose for by James and Susan three years ago, wearing a gas mask and holding a rifle and a Bible. The accompanying letter made several of the same allegations against me (which CHRISTIAN MEDIA has published in the past), telling them that I am violent and dangerous, in an attempt to have me evicted from my residence!



Gee...do you suppose they thought that this would help them win a lawsuit?



This photo was also on the lap of the CHRISTIAN MEDIA attorney Jason Brouhard during a previous deposition, perhaps in the mistaken belief that I would be embarrassed by the photo, and end my resistance to the lawsuit.






Most of the questioning of Ms. Kristich though, involved the issue of MONEY. How much money did she get from the divorce settlement, how much money does she have, how much money does she pay for rent and other expenses. Did she give ME any MONEY? Does she support the broadcast with MONEY? Did she EVER support the broadcast with MONEY?


How much of "God's Money" did you give your lawyer today James?




By now (assuming you are still reading this) you may be wondering why anyone could be so foolish as to publish such lies which can be so easily proven to be false. The answer is simple.






Although they also seemed to be envious of that fact that she has an education which neither can claim, the main reason that James Lloyd and Susan Lenox have become obsessed with Linda Kristich (who has been smeared in the articles which have been written to attack me) is the fallacious idea that she has money, and they continue to publish that lie in the hope that their followers will be as envious of her as they are. The idea that she was wealthy, even though there was little reason to suppose it is so, had consumed both of them and they were driven by their greed and avarice to concoct a story to try and get at it.



The idea which seduced them into believing that Linda has money comes from the fact that James Lloyd and Susan Lenox had learned that her ex husband inherited some money from a deceased parent. Even though an inheritance is NEVER considered to be "community property" and therefore not part of any divorce settlement , greed it seems had precluded any idea of researching the facts before CHRISTIAN MEDIA began publication of these baseless accusations. This habit of not examining any evidence too closely which does not support the personal agenda of CHRISTIAN MEDIA, is a trademark of the so called prophecies which are put forth on CHRISTIAN MEDIA NETWORK. They have admitted that are paying lawyer fees of $140.00 an hour. This has been done to try and get their hands on a non existent portion of an inheritance.



This is important to remember: Using money which is sent to CHRISTIAN MEDIA by the "faithful" to do "God's work", CHRISTIAN MEDIA is able to pay thousands of dollars to his lawyers.



And James Lloyd admits that CHRISTIAN MEDIA has the money to "Juggle a couple of lawsuits at the same time". That's because they have enormous financial resources in the way of customers and supporters. CHRISTIAN MEDIA has no incentive to do the right thing, because it's supporters have no idea what they are supporting, nor do they seem to care.



It seems obvious enough to me that James Lloyd and Susan Lenox (Doing Business as CHRISTIAN MEDIA NETWORK) have no serious intention of bringing this matter into Court, but only hoped to intimidate me into running away. What is even stranger, is the fact that they have called me a "coward" for standing up to their heavy handed tactics which are more suited to a couple of thugs than to "Christian Ministers".



The sad thing is that while I am forced to defend myself against this frivolous lawsuit, I am not able to concentrate fully upon the studies which I have worked so hard at, to publish on this website. Please remember that I have made every attempt to "agree with my adversary quickly" as Christ taught, to keep this thing from going to court. Christian Media on the other hand has done everything possible to fight this battle with expensive lawyers.



Matthew 5:25-26:



"Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison. Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing."



Please remember that I have sought to prevent them from being forced to pay that "uttermost farthing" as it comes not from CHRISTIAN MEDIA, but only THROUGH them. That Farthing comes from believers. If the believers in Christ want their money to be paid to high dollar lawyers, that is their business. Also remember that it was done against my will and that Lloyd and Lenox's financial supporters had been warned and will be held liable for their financial support of the wicked deeds of those who waste God's money in the Courts, by slandering the innocent, and in pursuit of MAMMON.


This case will be settled ultimately in the Court of the MOST HIGH GOD and his verdict is final, eternal, and is NOT subject to appeal. Be forewarned: All who have paid for this persecution in this world, will be judged in the next world. By every standard of what is taught of Christianity in the Bible, CHRISTIAN MEDIA is blowing it and they can and should expect to be judged harshly for their cavalier disregard for the teaching of the Son of God Most High.

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