Before there was a Christian Media Network, there was shortwave radio


James Lloyd came to his limited national prominence during the time which could be called the "heyday" of alternative shortwave radio (1995-1998) on the coattails of Steve Quayle, in an appearance on his "Blueprint for Survival" program. It was in this period that alternative shortwave radio began reaching out to a domestic audience. Many people who had become fed up with the controlled media had discovered shortwave radio and shortwave radio had discovered them.


It was in this time 20 years after America's defeat by the communists in Viet Nam, of longing for a source of pride, and for some substance upon which we could hang our hopes of better things to come, and to legitimize our sense of outrage and resentment at being lied to and led down the primrose path to second rate status in the world. It was the disaffected American Christian, seeking a new hope for his cause, and the Patriot seeking an outlet for his patriotism weary with disgust and disillusionment who was ripe for this experience.


All at once it seemed, shortwave radio stations such as 50,000 watt stations WRNO in New Orleans Louisiana, and WGTG (With Glory to God) in Mc Caysville Georgia burst onto the scene along with 100,000 watt stations WHRI in Noblesville Indiana and Powerhouse WWCR (World Wide Christian Radio) in Nashville Tennessee. To many people, (myself included) it had seemed as though God had allowed a few oasis's of truth to flourish in the cultural and spiritual wasteland that is the United States of America. For those of us who had become disenfranchised with the attitude and practice of "business as usual" in our government and in our churches, it was a very exciting time, having about it a sense of spiritual revival for which we all longed.


It was a time before the enmity between what has been called the "Patriot" faction, and the "Remnant" group (the word Remnant being used first in this context by Amerinet Broadcasting System owner Jeff Baker). Mr. Baker himself, attempted to join the two camps on his network, and this symbiotic relationship persisted until James Lloyd sought unilaterally to break the union late in the year 2000, in an attempt to gain more followers for his new "Christian Media Network"® by hanging the label "the Take America Back" bunch on those associated with the Genesis Communications Network (GCN), who he saw as his main rival and competitor. There were "patriot" oriented networks such as the aforementioned "Amerinet" Network owned by Jeff Baker, "Republic Radio", And the "American Freedom Network", broadcasting such programs as "The Intelligence" Report with Mark Koernke John Stadtmiller, and Steve Quayle's "Blueprint for Survival", and others as well with such hosts as Jeffery Bennett Norm Resnick, Anthony J Hilder, Mike Brown, and Kurt Saxon.


These programs also spawned other shortwave radio programs such as "Amerikan Exposé" (Probably the best of it's kind) with Chris Gerner, which explored a world of political manipulation and intrigue designed to bring planet earth into Global Government, which many of us sensed but could not prove. The courage these men seemed to posses in the face of the might of the "New World Order" was a source of great pride for many who had resigned themselves to the fact that America's glory days were behind her. They gave hope that this country could rise again if the people would only awaken out of the their drunken stupor of inaction, which was caused by their acceptance of the propaganda of the conspirators.


There were other shortwave broadcasters also which were independent of the networks such as Ron Wilson who gave us the "Hour of Courage" program and perhaps the most fearless of all, the late Bill Cooper who hosted a broadcast called "The Hour of the Time". These programs exposed the conspirators by name, telling us all about the Federal Reserve scam, the Tri-lateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations, all working to strengthen the hand of the power elite through the United Nations Organization, the names of which we were all familiar, though ignorant of their designs. There were also Christian programs such as "The Prophecy Club" with Stan Johnson, David Smith's "Newswatch Magazine" and broadcasters such as Texe Marrs, and of course the perennial "Brother" R G Stair.


Programs such as these, articulated the particulars of a New World Order conspiracy that was operated right under our noses. Many of them tied the Biblical prophecies of the end times to events of the present. These broadcasts were mainly sponsored by companies selling what has come to be known as "survival supplies" such as "Safe Trek Outfitters" owned by Steve Quayle, "Live Oak Farms" owned by Jeff Baker, which re-distributed Quayle's food under his own label, as well as precious metal and coin dealers such as "Atlantic Bullion and Coin".


Some broadcasts, such as "The Prophecy Club" and "Newswatch Magazine" were paid for by the selling of books and tapes. Many people such as David Wegner, Jim Ammerman, Al Cuppet (called Mr. "C" on Quayle's Blueprint for Survival" show), Bill Deagle, Dr. Rod Lewis, and others, began to announce that God's judgment was upon the land, and some stated categorically that America would be destroyed in 1998. It was this market which James Lloyd sought to enter around the mid 1990's.



James Lloyd, by appealing to their feelings rather to their sense of reason, used this social perception to bind followers to himself, giving them the belief that the group of "Remnant" Christians to which he and his followers belonged were a superior class of people and he enthused his targets with this self serving propaganda, to ignite a sense of belief in better days. They alone he intoned, would survive the coming destruction of America, and he identified as enemies anyone he considered a threat to his best interests as opposing God himself. Anyone who did not support Lloyd's doctrines were considered inferior. He maintained that he was a great "Prophet" who presented a forceful opposition to the legions of the Devil. James Lloyd taught that the true believers of Jesus Christ would purchase long term survival food, (which James himself sold as a middleman, shipping product that was actually produced by Steve Quayle's Safe Trek Outfitters), and could only know the truth by reading (buying) his book "Beyond Babylon", as well as the proprietary Apocalypse Chronicles® tape sets which would impart the truth of "the gift of prophecy" that James claimed God had "blessed" him with.


The book Beyond Babylon as we have noted in Chapter One of this report, is marred by the inclusion of “prophetic” understandings he gained through the use of “New Age translations” of the bible such as the “New International Version©” (also referred to as the NIV), the “Revised Standard Version©”, the “New English Bible©” and the “Amplified Bible©”. In this book, he also acknowledges his dependence upon many authors and “Christian” individuals whom he has since seen fit to brand as “Liars” and “reprobate”, such as Pat Robertson, founder of the “PTL Club®”, Chuck Smith, founder of the “Calvary Chapel®” organization, pretribulation rapturist Chuck Missler, as well as another man James has branded a false prophet, author Hal Lindsey, and other “mainstream Christian leaders”, as well as the apostate Ellen G. White who was a theologian in and an early leader of the Seventh Day Adventist movement, and also pagans such as Immanuel Velikovsky, Mary Relfe, and David Yallop. This mining of "Bible Prophecy" from occult sources continues in his doctrines to this day.


These purchases of books, tapes, and most notably food (which has a huge "mark up" when prepared in storage fashion), as he stated innumerable times in 1997 and 1998, had to be made SOON! It is interesting to note that at the very time Lloyd was making these wild, paranoid predictions, he and Susan Lenox were also using drugs at Christian Media! Time was running out because God had told James that America (specifically Rome Italy, New York City, Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California ) would be destroyed by the 4th of July, 1998, and he offered all sorts of reasons using Biblical "proof texts" (out of context) as to why that date was chosen by God. He stated as proof of this for example, that the number 1998 was 666 times 3. It was also a multiple of a allegedly occultic number 222 (which 666 obviously is). He further predicted that the Dow Jones Stock Market would reach 6666 (either on the way up or down) when disaster struck.


He also "predicted" that there would be a total world population of 6 Billion people when the meltdown begins.


  The number of people on the planet Earth is now...


They continue to climb DAILY past 6 Billion!


Another James Lloyd "prophecy" stated that, the (then) current UN Secretary General Kofi Anan would be killed in the nuclear destruction and have 42 Months of his term left in July of 1998 (which his candidate Boutros Boutros Ghali would complete, fulfilling the 42 months prophesied in Revelation 13:5 as the "reign of the Antichrist") and so on (He has since stated that Boutros Boutros Ghali would receive the office of Antichrist before his 81st birthday on November 14th, 2003, and then denied making the statement when it proved to be false). He also at that time made many other predictions that likewise suffered an ignominious repudiation from God. It's hard to be a prophet when one is using drugs.


The rejection of his "prophecies" by God not withstanding, James Lloyd maintains today as he did then, that those who are "with him" and who accept his teachings are covered by the protection of the Holy Spirit of God, and those who doubt him or have any disagreement with his take on the Bible and his interpretations are "against him" and in cahoots with Satan. According to James Lloyd, if you are not in total agreement with him, you deserve a most vile fate because your rejection of James and his teachings according to him, is proof in itself that you are not in Christ, but instead imbued with the spirit of Antichrist. This then, was the cultural environment into which James Lloyd injected himself, and the one in which the following statements were made.


At that time, I would have been grateful to have the opportunity you have today, to know the truth about James Lloyd, his "prophecies", and his modus operandi before being seduced and caught in his elaborate snare. It is my hope that you will take advantage of the benefit of the wisdom which comes from the experience of another, who has been down the same road, on which many are trapped without the benefit of that knowledge today. These are the statements he had hoped everyone had forgotten.



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