Fluoridation The Great Dilemma, by George L Waldbott (and associates), p. Coronado Press Inc., Lawrence, Kansas, USA, 1978. ISBN 0-87291-097-0.


This book is something of a bible. Anything you ever wanted to know about the effects of fluoride on the human body and based on an utterly amazing array of information, plus all the dubious tactics and dodgy organisations associated with fluoride promotion. Also look out for another of Waldbott's books: A Clash with Titans.


Fluoride The Aging Factor, by John Yiamouyiannis, p. Health Action Press, 6439 Taggart Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015, USA, 1993. ISBN 0-913571-03-2.


The Bible - Part II (and an easier read!). "With truth as an ally, it's a lot easier to win. The truth is fluoridation is chronically poisoning millions." - Author & publisher, John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D in Biochemistry.


Fluoride: The Freedom Fight, by Dr Hans Moolenburgh, p. Mainstream Publishing, 1987. ISBN 185158 040 9.


The last of the recommended books on fluoridation. This is not a book dedicated to research but to the story of how fluoridation was stopped in Holland. Hans is a very approachable and likeable individual and has provided me with some interesting material. It is also reassuring to know that of all those people around the world who are still fighting against fluoridation, including this country, can gain some encouragement from this success story.


Fluoridation: Poison on Tap, by Glen S R Walker, p. Magenta Press Pty. Ltd., 40 Geddes Street, Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia. ISBN 0 9593571 0 6.


An indictment of the Victorian Government Committee of Enquiry, Melbourne, 1979-1980, into the fluoridation of Victorian water supplies.


The Greatest Fraud: Fluoridation, by Philip R N Sutton, p. Kurunda Pty. Ltd., PO Box 22, Lorne, Australia 3232. ISBN 0 949491 12 8.


A book which requires virtually no description - the title says it all. A book for those who are interested in statistics and some of the earliest fluoridation trials.


The following are not directly associated with fluoridation but make interesting reading:


Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, by Antony C Sutton, p. Bloomfield Books, 26 Meadow Lane, Sudbury, Suff., CO10 6TD. No ISBN.


Read all about the dirty deals done between Wall Street financial institutions and the Nazis. Need I say any more?


The Nazi Doctors and the Nuremburg Code, by Annas & Grodin, p. Oxford University Press, 1992. ISBN 0 19 510106 5.


Covers all the relevent issues with up-to-date reports on Desert Storm, etc. If you serve in the military then you need to know what your rights are (... or more likely are not).


Secret Societies, by Jan van Helsing, p. Ewertverlag S.L., Gran Canaria, 1995. ISBN 3 89478 654 X.


Contact Susan or James at Pandora, 17B High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9DP. The book is indescribable! The theories contained in this book are revealing, sensational and downright bizzare!! But how often has the truth proven so?


Conspirator's Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 by Dr John Coleman, p. American West Pub. 1992. ISBN 0 922356 57 2.


Dr Coleman is outspoken and does not mince his words. His frustration at what is happening to our world and the apathy that is all around us comes out clearly in this book. But his attitude is not entirely out of place because modern society prefers apathy to action and ignorance to the truth. The book's value is in the objective analysis of who really holds power in the world today (according to the Author and his 'reliable sources') and how that power is administered and controlled. Whatever you think of Dr Coleman, his book is an interesting and thought-provoking read.


Open Verdict, by Tony Collins, p. Sphere Books Ltd, ISBN 0 7474 0146 2, 1990.


A not entirely unrelated read. It concerns the mysterious death of 25 people connected with the defence industry. Time to move that telephone away from the bedside cabinet!


Biohazard, by the National Anti-Vivisection Society ( NAVS ), p. NAVS, 1987, ISBN 0 905225 07 4.


I have referred the reader to this booklet for one very special reason. The book clearly shows how reckless scientists can be when 'fooling around' with natural and genetically engineered viruses. It also highlights the dreadful cruelty they inflict on animals and makes you wonder that if they are capable of such acts, then experimenting on unsuspecting members of the human race is just one short step away. Such is the contempt for the safety of the human race it makes it easier to understand why the Pushers display a breath-taking contempt to the dangers of fluoridation.


P is for Pesticides, by Drs Lang & Clutterbuck, p. Ebury Press, 1991, ISBN 0 85223 968 8.


Details on pesticides found in food and water and including theories, opinions, comments and pesticide classifications.


The Brotherhood, by Stephen Knight, p. Grafton, 1985, ISBN 0 586 05983 0.


Inside the Brotherhood, by Martin Short, p. Grafton, 1989, ISBN 0 246 13020 2.


Stories about Freemasonry and it's implications. You may have to rely on your local library for copies of these books.



The Truth About Fluoride