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Bible commentary by Craig Portwood




RealityIs reality an illusion?
It seems to be inviolable. The idea that our consciousness occupies but a small space, contained in a fleshy... More>>



Big Butter JesusA symbol of American idolatry is destroyed by God
 It has been called “Touchdown Jesus,” "Big Butter Jesus," and “Quicksand Jesus.” On Monday, June 14th, 2010, the 62 foot representation of Jesus Christ was destroyed... More>>


Faith v. beliefThe Parable of the Talents
Many Christians seem to rest in their perceived confidence that they are assured of salvation for their belief in Christ. But is there more to salvation than mere faith? More>>


Curse of illegal immigrationThe Curse of illegal immigration
It represents an invasion force. Conservative estimates place the number of illegal immigrants in this country at more than 10 million and their numbers are growing. More>>

AtheismIs Atheism a religion?
Atheism is the belief that there is nothing in existence that can be called God. By and large, their arguments are antithetic. More>>




Why American Christians must suffer Tribulation
The idea is as foreign to American believers as an orange sky. That they should have to suffer as did their brethren throughout history is unimaginable to most Christians ... More>>


The curse of legalism:
Although some rightly maintain that the practice of legalism is contrary to our freedom in Christ, the same individuals often cite scripture in legalistic fashion to support their cherished false doctrines, corrupt dogmas, and personal agendas. More>>


Separation of church and state.
It’s an expression often used in the press. This phrase is trotted out each time an Atheist complains that... More>>


ObamaNimrod, Obama and the Antichrist.
One need not be a seer to recognize that Barack Obama's life is in danger. From drug addled meth heads, to victims of racist mindset, plots against the life of Barack Obama are... More>>


SpiritThe realm of the spirit
“Do you believe in spirits?” Ask any professing belief in Christ this question and they will return with an unqualified “yes.” Ask them to describe the spirits or their world and... More>>


Christ the wantedThe demonization of fundamental Christians
The Bible tells us of a time when Christians will be persecuted for their faith in Christ. The mainstream media is already taking the steps necessary to demonize those who... More>>


UNThe global government wants your children
They are perhaps the most powerful weapons of the New World Order. Small and powerless on their own, their use as a bargaining chip is certain to trigger the most basic instinct to... More>>


The littlest terroristThe Littlest Terrorist
He's 8 years old. The New Jersey Cub Scout looks harmless enough to the untrained observer, but to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), he is a terrorist. More>>


The Mark of the Beast
Computer control of the human mind. To even suggest that such a thing could be possible is to risk being labeled insane. Despite the notion that the idea is patently absurd...


The markThe Mark of the Beast: The next step
The very notion that "mark of the beast" technology is being considered for use in humans strikes the majority of humankind to be paranoid fantasy. When the major media reports that... More>>


Police stateThe anti-Christian bias of the American media
We have heard it before. Christian fundamentalism is dangerous. The Atheists publish anti-Christian diatribes declaring us to be a danger to society.... More>>


America deceivedClassic mind control: America deceived
There has been much back and forth in the media about Barack Obama and his plans for America's future. The assumption is that if you are not supportive of Obama... More>>

Mystery of the WordThe mystery of the Word
According to tradition, he lived to be nearly 100 years old. One of the “ sons of thunder,” he was given an apocalypse More>>



Ash WednesdayThe Pagan origin of Ash Wednesday
It's not mentioned in the Bible. None of the apostles observed it. Nowhere are Christians commanded to keep it. It's a sad fact that modern Christianity has appropriated so many.... More>>



Christianity vs. the black art of psychiatry
Christianity is under attack in America. Although this assault upon the Christian faith has come from many directions, perhaps none represents more of a threat, than that which... More>>




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The mark of the Beast: How close is it?
Computer control of the human mind. To even suggest that such a thing could be possible is to risk being relegated to the ranks of the insane. Despite the notion that the idea is patently absurd, the truth is that it is not only feasible, but the technology which could make it possible has already been demonstrated. More>>


The Demonization of fundamental Christians: The Bible tells us of a time when Christians will be persecuted en masse for their refusal to recant their faith in Christ. The mainstream media is already taking the steps necessary to demonize those who believe the fundamental precepts taught in the Bible. More>>


The manipulation of American culture through the media: The freedom of the American press is an object many of us cherish. Despite this notion, the freedom of our press is more hype than reality. With the exception of a few independent newsletters and micro publishers, there is no free press in America. More>>


The final battle
It will represent the greatest battle ever to be fought in the history of man. The world will be united against a threat from outer space which threatens the dominion of global government. More>>


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Genetically Modified Foods: Which are and which are not? More>>


The Truth About Fluoride:

Water fluoridation began at the beginning of the 20th century but it was not until much later that the true story began to be told. What does the scientific data indicate, relative to water fluoridation? More>>


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