James Lloyd et. al. Doing Business as Christian Media Network trust their god, I trust my God


Below, James denies that anyone who crosses Christian Media can expect to be vilified or attacked. I guess this lawsuit proves that I must have been wrong?


On page 18 of the complaint claims that he lost "profits"(Not that it's about the money or anything) and he admits that Christianity is his "Trade or profession"


Below, James admits that his relationship with his listeners is "an economic relationship"  (He sued me for saying that!)

All he wants (besides another $100,000.00) is to have the Sheriff confiscate my possessions. At least I get to keep my SOUL.


Maybe he has a card up his sleeve which he hopes to play on Judgment Day? I wouldn't take that CHANCE!



He's slandered an libeled me since 2002, but that's "different". What exactly is "network technology" anyway?


And while we are on the subject, let's include one more issue over which they are suing.

So SUE me!

Guilty as charged!

And now... the facts as presented in open court.



In April of 2007, In a hearing before Circuit Court Judge Mark Schiveley , plaintiffs Lloyd and Lenox made a startling admission. "My clients freely acknowledge - admit that they used substances - been substance abusers in the past..." their lawyer Jason Scott Brouhard told the court.   "...they'll freely admit that they've used and been substance abusers in the past within - like the past 10 years..."   Jason Brouhard of the law firm Brown, Hughes, Bird, Rote, & Brouhard, LLP --- in support of a Motion  to prevent any evidence of illegal drug sales by his client (James Lloyd) in his youth, from being admitted into evidence by Craig Portwood or Linda Kristich (the defense),  in their 2007 trial for Defamation [Click for Audio]


Using this 10 year period as a sort of timeline, we see that James' admitted drug use coincides with his most paranoid predictions of 1997 - 2007. One wonders if Lloyd's bizarre rantings today are not the result of residual effect of his heavy drug use.


James Lloyd likes to talk as though "Truth" and he are close friends. Under oath in court however, another James Lloyd emerged. Lloyd claimed that I lied about the quality of Lloyd's Applegate Ranch Beef Jerky, noting that some of the product was going moldy. Under oath, Lloyd further claimed that I only canned beef jerky that was intended for Lloyd's own personal use and that Christian Media had not even sold beef jerky after January 1, 2000. (The Y2K. Prophecy). He stated further that the quality of any beef jerky canned using the Applegate Ranch canning machine after that would not be fit to sell. He categorically denied selling any of this Applegate Ranch Beef Jerky after 1999 and he once again called me a liar.


I stated under oath, that Applegate Ranch Beef Jerky was canned and sold after 1999. A copy of the late 2001 advertisement for this beef Jerky about which Lloyd lied under oath is below.

This is the product Sold under the label "Applegate Ranch"

Hear attorney David Force present this to the jury.


Although Lloyd's commercial says that this Beef Jerky can "never have a problem" after it's canned, he sings a different tune in court. Click here to hear that tune.


This proves that James Lloyd lied either to his customers, to get them to send him a check for $200.00, committed perjury by lying to the jury, for the purpose of crushing his opponents with lies, or both.


The reader is invited to take note that although Lloyd promised to present evidence proving Lloyd's slanders against me, when given the opportunity in court, Lloyd hid behind the statute of limitations, refusing to prove any of the allegations. It is also notable that Lloyd and Lenox filed a motion with the court, preventing the use or mention of the Bible during the trial, calling the Bible, "a Sham" and "Irrelevant".


Christian Media "Ministers" James Lloyd and Susan Lenox, also filed a Motion in Limine to prevent me from bringing up their marital status, arguing that those facts could only prove they were "Hypocrites."What makes these offenses even more egregious is the fact that Lloyd claims not only to be a "minister" (despite the lack of any credentials or education), but the fact that Lloyd claims to be a "Prophet of the Lord", while he lies in pursuit of filthy lucre, preferring the comforts of mammon to those of righteousness. That he slanders and thinks nothing of ruining the reputations of innocent Christians for the sake of sales and a larger market share should make any serious Christian mark him and avoid him.


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