The Demonization of fundamental Christians

The Bible tells us of a time when Christians will be persecuted en masse for their refusal to recant their faith in Christ. Despite the protestations of millions of misguided believers that they will be raptured away from trouble before tribulation comes, the mainstream media is already taking the steps necessary to demonize those who believe the fundamental precepts taught in the Bible.
















In modern times, this demonization began in an obscure private village in Guyana called “Jonestown.” A quasi-Christian cult group led by an American charismatic with CIA connections ended with the death of 913 people, allegedly victims of forced suicide.


The type of mind control practices which were employed in Jonestown paralleled those of the CIA's MK-Ultra Project. Predictably, The CIA has disavowed any connection with the project in Guyana. In the mainstream press, this event helped label Christians who eschewed traditional teachings of the licensed church to be cultists.


In more recent times, the denunciation of the unlicensed church was further articulated with the murder of 76 Christian men, woman and children. They were described by the local Sheriff Jack Harwell as basically “good people” whom the McLennan County Sheriff liked. Their beliefs were not those of the “mainstream” church. They believed that they were living in the end times and that they would be killed for their faith. The tragic events of April 19, 1993 did not prove them wrong.


In the mainstream press, they were made to be pariahs, social misfits who were not worthy of due process of law. They referred to themselves a “Branch Davidians.” The federal authorities branded them “dangerous.” In the end, it was the government which proved to be the danger.


Despite many attempts at spin control on the part of the United States Federal Government to exculpate themselves, the facts have been made known in the movie “Waco: Rules of Engagement.” This movie documents the lies, disingenuous presentations and misleading statements of the Federal Government, which portrayed these Christians as dangerous lunatics, unworthy of sympathy or any showing of common human decency.


In the ensuing years, the Clinton administration was working hard to whittle away the rights of the American people with the “Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995.” It was introduced in February of that year but there was opposition to the bill in Congress. The bill contained many provisions which gave law enforcement agencies great latitude in conducting warrantless wiretapping and access to personal and financial records of law abiding Americans. It also allowed the President to declare any group he pleased as a terrorist organization and permitted the seizure of assets of any member of such group and their supporters without due process of law.


On April 19, 1995, after the Murrah Federal Building was destroyed by a powerful blast which was blamed on Timothy McVeigh, the bill breezed through Congress. The legislators no longer feared that their constituents would rankle at this blatant end run around the Bill of Rights. Although there is no evidence to suggest that he was a Christian, McVeigh was branded a radical Christian by Atheist journalists and the mainstream press alike. Despite the fact that there is no connection between McVeigh and any Christian Militia, this fallacious notion persists. To this day, there is a movement in the FBI to re-brand Timothy McVeigh in the image of a Christian zealot.


Interestingly enough, the evidence pointed to U.S. government complicity as two unexploded military style bombs were found in the Murrah Federal Building. This information was widely reported until a team of three FBI investigators had arrived upon the scene. Once in place, the FBI announced that the destruction was caused by a truck bomb composed of diesel fuel and fertilizer.



In a fashion which would make the Ministry of Truth (or Minitrue, in Newspeak) blush with pride in George Orwell's book Nineteen Eighty-Four, the mainstream media changed their tune without so much as a hint of embarrassment. The American public, having been indoctrinated in their public schools which prizes social conformity over critical thinking, quickly forgot the information contained in the initial reports and accepted their new programming without difficulty. Thus, traceable military ordinance became a fuel-fertilizer bomb as if by magic.

Thus, Clinton had his Reichstag fire and the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995 was on a fast track to passage. As an added bonus, non-mainstream Christians were vilified as being dangerous, anti-government terrorists.


Score one for Big Brother.