Antichrist and the legend of Osiris

Nimrod, Obama, and the Antichrist


The contemporary Wiccans of the western Europe and America have strong ties to goddess worship and are sometimes referred to as the “Goddess movement,” “Goddess Spirituality,” or (as with the Masons) “the Craft.”


































According to Miriam Simos (or Starhawk her name de plume), who wrote the book THE SPIRAL DANCE: A REBIRTH OF THE ANCIENT RELIGION OF THE GREAT GODDESS(1979), the Wiccan form of goddess worship is "perhaps the oldest religion extant in the West.” Within the body of the book, she explains her religious outlook to the novice.


She acknowledges two deities, one male and one female, "the Mother Goddess, the birthgiver, who brings into existence all life,” and the "Horned God,” who is reminiscent of Nimrod because he is depicted as a hunter who dies and is resurrected every year afresh.


Male shamans are "dressed in skins and horns in identification with the god and the herds,” while the priestesses embody “the fertility of the Goddess.” Miriam Simos' goddess was also known as a “triple goddess” and may tie to the well known “virtues” of faith, hope and charity in the form of maiden, mother and crone although she is fundamentally one entity. According to Ms. Simos, the religion is tied to seasonal cycles which yearly practice the "eight feasts of the Wheel": the solstices, the equinoxes, and four other festivals namely Imbolc (February 2,), Beltane (May Day), Lammas or Lughnasad (in early August), and Samhain (Halloween).


The Egyptian god Osiris was an ancient god of Egypt, who predated most of the gods of the land including Ra or Re. Though his exact origin is unclear because of the many myths and legends about him, Osiris seems to have been known all around the Mediterranean with his own handiwork attesting to his presence.


In one version of the story of Osiris, Greek historian Plutarch recounts that Osiris' brother Set sealed Osiris in a box, which he then threw into the Nile; Osiris' wife, Isis, then found him embedded in a tree trunk, which was used as a support for the roof of a palace in Byblos on the Phoenician coast. Osiris being dead, was revived by Isis so he could impregnate her after which he died again, and Isis buried his body. Coming across Osiris' body, Set cut the body into fourteen pieces and scattered them. In the opinion of this author, the author David Hatcher Childress correctly theorizes the identity of Osiris:



“Suddenly, in view of the advanced and ancient civilization in the Mediterranean, the mystery of some of the awesome and inexplicable sites around the Mediterranean, such as Ba'albek [in Lebanon], does not seem quite so mysterious after all.... This theory of Ba'albek being some remnant of the Osirian Empire, along with some of the other megalithic sites in the Mediterranean, fits in well with the Arab legend that the massive stone blocks were built a short time after the Flood, at the order of the legendary King Nimrod, by a "tribe of giants." King Nimrod, and Poseidon, are just other names for Osiris of Egyptian mythology.” —David Hatcher Childress, LOST CITIES AND ANCIENT MYSTERIES OF AFRICA & ARABIA (1997)

This is the same Nimrod who made himself a ruler of men, and who shook his fist at the Almighty wherein he vowed to avenge himself upon God. This discovery by Childress makes a compelling case as to where the giants known as Nephilim came from after the flood. Given his motivation, perhaps Nimrod had figured out how to conjure the spirits of the giants or to reanimate them and pollute the seed of mankind once more in an attempt to re-initiate that “Golden Age” or “First Time” of mankind when the “thoughts of men were continually evil.”


The idea that the Antichrist could be a reiteration of Nimrod is reasonable enough, but who today has any personal characteristics which are shared with Nimrod?


If one looks to the Bible for Nimrod's historical lineage, one finds that his father was a man by the name of Cush. Cush was the father of the Kushites, who resided in what is now Ethiopia. Misraim, was Cush's brother and of greater interest, miz rai'm is the Hebrew name for Egypt—literally, "the two lands,” referring to upper and lower Egypt. The Bible confirms that Nimrod was a product of Cush and that he built many cities.


Genesis 10:8-10: 


And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. 10:9 He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD. 10:10 And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.



 The most persuasive evidence that all of the most ancient megalithic sites in and around the Mediterranean were all built by the followers of one man—Nimrod, was their consistent relationship with the stars—particularly the constellation of Orion, and only one nation —Egypt, could have preserved such knowledge over all those years through its secret society of the priests of Heliopolis. The constellation of Orion even portrays a mighty hunter—‘before' the Lord. Nimrod as the first king, set the example which other kings have followed.




The universal sentiment of the Masons of the present day is to confer upon Solomon, King of Israel, the honor of being their "first Grand Master." But the Legend of the Craft had long before, though there was a tradition of the temple extant, bestowed, at least by implication, that title upon Nimrod, the King of Babylonia and Assyria. It had attributed the first organization of a fraternity of craftsmen to him, in saying that he gave a charge to the workmen whom he sent to asist the King of Nineveh in building his cities. That is to say, he framed for them a Constitution, and, in the words of the Legend, "this was the first tyme that ever Masons had any charge of his science." It was the first time that the Craft were organized into a fraternity working under a Constitution or body of laws; and as Nimrod was the autocratic maker of these laws, it results as a necessary consequence, that their first legislator, legislating with dictatorial and unrestricted sovereign power, was also their first Grand Master. ” THE HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY (1898) Albert G. Mackey ch. xii.

From what is recorded about Nimrod by Flavius Josephus, one can surmise that Nimrod lived to antagonize God. Yet, he was the inspiration for many civilizations in and around the Mediterranean, built solely to glorify the Adversary of God.


Being the grandson of Ham and the Son of Cush, Nimrod was of dark complexion or as we say today, black. We do have one black world leader in place: United States President Barack Obama. If the soon anticipated Antichrist does indeed make an abrupt appearance in a world in crisis, will he be more suited to that role than is Barack Obama?


In the alternative, Barack Obama shows none of the leadership qualities one would expect to see from a Nimrod, or an Antichrist. He has been presented with a number of opportunities to show himself to be a leader.


When a oil drilling platform exploded in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010, he spent more time playing golf than playing president.


In early 2010, after having received word that seven American staffers had been killed in an attack in Afghanistan, he went on a Hawaiian vacation and played golf, basketball, went snorkeling and to the gym.


When it was alleged that an attempted “terrorist attack” took place on an American airlines, he spent 11 days enjoying a vacation.


Likewise, after being begged by the people of Libya to protect them from merciless attacks by Muammar Gaddafi, rather than take any leadership role, he began fumbling about, first making “tough” statements about imposing a no fly zone, then backing off of his previous statement. Even after European governments came out in passing a resolution to do just that, Obama continued to issue weak statements instead of strong leadership.


While The Libyan situation began to escalate, a huge earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan. Adding to the disaster, was the explosion and meltdown of at least three Japanese nuclear reactors. Obama’s response? He issued a statement and then announced that he would be leaving for Rio de Janeiro - for yet another vacation.


It is this authors personal assessment that Obama is certainly no Nimrod. A pathetic false antichrist perhaps, but he has so far failed to demonstrate any sort of leadership skill which would be required to lead the United States, much less the kind of ability one would need to head up a global government.


The author does not attempt to engage in the parlor game of “predict the event” nor endeavors to sow wild speculation, but merely strives to point out how the events of the past and the circumstances of the present, may well be portents of the future.