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Could there really be a New World Order Conspiracy?



There have been throughout the ages, rumors of conspiracy. Political conspiracy. Financial conspiracy. Religious conspiracy. Is there any truth to such ideas or are they just silly?


We invite you to decide the issue for yourself.


Presented here are excerpts of publications which suggest the authenticity of a modern day Conspiracy which has been carried out unnoticed, under the noses of the American people.


The subject of "conspiracy", like that of Bible prophecy, has been misused, abused, tortured and packaged as "product" by mail order companies who masquerade as "ministries", "patriots" and "Watchmen".


Much of what is being reported in what is called the alternative media, has been put into place by the unclean spirits and demons which drive avaricious individuals to lead God's people into destruction.


How much of this is true and how much is designed to manipulate and deceive the world into following the New World Order agenda is a matter of conjecture. You alone must decide the matter for yourself.


You are encouraged to seek God's wisdom and examine His word as you consider these things, not with an eye towards using scripture to confirm or deny the truth of these matters but to examine what you should do in that day when any of these programs might be made part of any system of government and control.


You are hereby advised that preparing with "long term storage food", ammunition, weaponry and so-called survival goods is a fools game which will not save from the coming tribulation. If you are to survive the promised tribulation, you will need to prepare your heart now to surrender your life rather than to submit to the world leader who will claim to fulfill all the Biblical prophecies which speak of the final coming of Jesus Christ.


Above all, you are encouraged to fear God and not any conspiracy which may or may not by used to guide, manipulate and deceive you into following the path on which many unsuspecting believers are traveling. This path leads to enslavement and ultimately death. The Truth will ultimately lead you to salvation, making you free.


Reject this truth at your own peril.


Does the Bilderberg Group control "terror?"


Did a missile cause the fertilizer plant blast in Waco?



An easy way to defeat facial recognition technology


From the Justice Department: U.S. government can legally order the killing of American citizens with drone strikes


New video game trains kids to kill American Patriots


False Flag operation of the past exposed


The Demonization of fundamental Christians: The Bible tells us of a time when Christians will be persecuted en masse for their refusal to recant their faith in Christ. The mainstream media is already taking the steps necessary to demonize those who believe the fundamental precepts taught in the Bible. More>>


The manipulation of American culture through the media: The freedom of the American press is an object many of us cherish. Despite this notion, the freedom of our press is more hype than reality. With the exception of a few independent newsletters and micro publishers, there is no free press in America. More>>



The Boy Scouts of America

Their motto is "Be prepared,"but what exactly are they preparing for? More>>



Do you still trust your government? Read about the TSA "Scanvan."


TSA's molestation of America



Genetically Modified Foods: Which are and which are not? More>>


The Truth About Fluoride:

Water fluoridation began at the beginning of the 20th century but it was not until much later that the true story began to be told. What does the scientific data indicate, relative to water fluoridation? More>>


Obama's communist takeover of the US






Garden Plot


Document 7277


Chemtrail Video


Chemtrail Patent




Amerikan Exposé


The Money Masters


"Weapons of Terror"


Who Owns the FED?


Is the U.S. Bankrupt?


The Pentagon and 911


National Emergencies


Proofs of a Conspiracy


The Truth About Fluoride




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