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Sound Body host Susan LenoxIn a sworn statement recorded in a restraining order dated the 5th day of June, 1990, sworn before Carole Butler, Trial Court Administrator, Susan stated for the record, that she "lived with respondent (Lloyd) from April 1, 1988 to April 17, 1990. Respondent is an adult and is my ex-fiancé."  


When exactly did he divorce his first wife Anita Lloyd? The divorce proceeding (Case No. 87-DR0924) was settled on April 10, 1988, 9 days after he began living with Susan Lenox!


It would appear as though Susan Lenox could very well have been the cause of the breakup of James Lloyd's marriage to Anita Delores Murillo Lloyd.



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''Homicidal violence'' declared in brutal fiery death of Christian Media Printer Roger Johansen


Jales Lloyd's Drug Addict Printer Roger Johansen

With convictions for assault, burglary and numerous meth-related drug crimes, as well as many civil complaints,


"Roger enjoyed the chaos," said a longtime friend who caroused with Johansen for nearly a decade and a half.


Roger called himself "degenerate," and wore the description as "sort of a twisted badge of honor,"


Much of Roger Johansen's printing business came from James Lloyd, owner of Christian Media Network, a mail order company in Jacksonville


Lloyd said he knew his printer moved in a subculture of drugs, but said strangely enough that he "loved to visit" the drug dealing printer and that "It was almost like a ministry".




The Mexican drug cartel connection>>>