Mind Manipulation with an Attitude: Brainwashing Techniques, Mind Control and Christian Media Network

Prophecy for Sale by Craig Portwood



Jackie Patru: "It's like Steve Quayle when he was talking one day on his broadcast about some terrible thing that was going to happen. I mean it was going to happen and the whole thing is going to collapse and all of this, and at the end of his broadcast then he said hurry up and get your gold before it's too late."


Alan Watt: "He was selling generators, foodstuffs at way over market value and rations for the Y2K thing and he made a fortune off of it. He also said, like James Lloyd, that he wouldn't come back on the air if this did not happen. Months after nothing happened they're both back on again."


Jackie Patru: "They have no shame, do they, Alan?"


Alan Watt: "No. That's a psychopathic trait, but people are also paid by the CIA to do this. The CIA started up American shortwave.


["Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru, July 12, 2005]



The word of God describes the relationship we are to have with our Savior. It describes the believers as Christ's bride, and tells us to be subject to his commands. It also describes how we are to be cleansed and sanctified in our everyday affairs by being washed in his word. The bible tells us this plainly in Ephesians Chapter 5:24-26:


"Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing. Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word"



However, there is a doctrine being taught on the Christian Media Network that contradicts this scripture, and which implies that we are to subject ourselves to the interpretations of James Lloyd, allowing the washing of our brains with his peculiar brand of the word of God. The working of the mechanism is so subtle and yet so obvious that few understand what has occurred. This chapter will remove the mystery behind the mechanism.


Before we can truly understand what is occurring at Christian Media, we need to understand The Fundamentals of Brainwashing and Mind control. The first thing that needs to be recognized is that the victims of brainwashing have a choice to participate or not. It is by a conscious decision of each person involved to accept the authority the cult leaders and their claims, that allows the process to work. Of course the victim never perceives the process for what it is while it occurs, nor what has happened to them afterward.


In the words of a renowned researcher on the subject Dick Sutphen " IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF MAN, NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN BRAINWASHED AND REALIZED, OR BELIEVED, THAT HE HAD BEEN BRAINWASHED. Those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators, claiming they have simply been "shown the light" . . . or have been transformed in miraculous ways." This is identical to the experience of those whom James Lloyd manipulates.


No one wakes up in the morning and says to himself, "I think I will join a mind control cult today." It is actually a steady, seductive spiritual process to which some individuals who have a sense of insecurity and a desire to belong are susceptible. Initially there is a degree of euphoria among the little group over the idea of being the only ones whom God has blessed with the teachings of his "chosen servant" (the Cult leader). There is a bond of intimacy within the group based on this common identity, a kind of intimate friendship not found among mainstream Christians; and is akin to the excitement of belonging to a secret club. This sense of validation initiates feel is "the hook", and sets the stage for the mind control techniques which follow. To fully understand the influence exercised by James Lloyd over his followers, we need to examine the thought control process of propagandists and brainwashing.


There are many techniques employed by controllers, and circumstances dictate which devise is used. Some of the most effective techniques are used by the human potential gurus and motivational speakers who usually use their talents to encourage their subjects to achieve in their chosen fields of business, more sales, to make more money etc. They are presented in a number of ways, but they all employ elements of propaganda and brainwashing. Self propaganda/ brainwashing. They use what has been called "New Age Thinking Techniques". These devices were enumerated in a book published in 1936 and written by a man named Napoleon Hill, entitled "Think and Grow Rich". The idea is that individual success or failure is determined not by God nor by "luck" (as is believed by many) but by how we think. They often "legitimize" their perspective with people who like to believe they are Christians by quoting scripture which speaks of man: "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:" (Proverbs 23:7)


The essentials of this self deception are summed up in three practices: affirmation, visualization and repetition. What it amounts to is sending subliminal messages to one's self, using emotional appeals to enhance the effect.If for example the subject desires to have wealth, the subject is told to make a plan as to how they will achieve their goal, and set definite parameters for this. Then they are told to repeat an affirmation such as "By March 9th, I will have a net worth of 1 million dollars, which I will receive through meeting my daily goal of selling $x worth of goods."


They are told to visualize themselves making the sales, having the money, and enjoying the benefits of the same. They are told to do this upon awakening in the morning and just before falling to sleep at night, and at various intervals during the day (This is because "awakening states" make us more susceptible to suggestion). To enhance this process, they are told to become emotionally involved in the process. It is not enough to simply affirm and visualize, but to also develop a hatred for the opposite of their goal (Poverty) and to build a fanatical zeal for achievement of their stated goal. They are also to reinforce this through regular repetition.


Here is an example of how those who teach the process explain it.


"By visualizing your goal your subconscious mind will work for you, behind the scenes, to encourage the manifestation of situations which will ultimately enable your goals to come true. Each of us have five senses. We can use these senses to work for us in reaching our desired goals, and in so doing becomes embedded in our subconscious as a part of our reality. The subconscious mind, being non-critical, will believe your visualizations as being real. We can use this faculty to consciously select images which we give to our subconscious.



The importance of repetition cannot be overemphasized. It imprints the affirmations into your subconscious mind.



Get involved, be passionate, use your emotions. Think carefully about the meaning of the words as you repeat them rather than typing or saying them "parrot fashion", Get involved. It's important to use words meaningful to the individual.


Persistence achieves results much sooner than practicing affirmations periodically. Successive sessions will have a compounding effect.


You don't necessarily have to believe your affirmations initially. Belief will grow. When our feelings are in conflict with our thoughts, the feelings usually win.


It is important to see yourself as already having obtained your desired outcome. While holding the image, bring to mind the feelings you would have when accomplishing your goal.


Impress Yourself:
The stronger the feeling an affirmation conveys, the deeper the impression it makes on your mind, and the sooner you will experience positive results."


The same principals are used by James Lloyd to capture the minds (and the money) of his "followers". The fundamentals of this process are understood as follows. The subconscious mind (so described by psychologists) will accept information uncritically (that is to say without careful examination) if it is emotionally charged, and reduced to simple (read simplistic) statements. The more emotion that is infused into a message, the less likely an individual is to examine it on it's merits, and the more it will be readily accepted as truth.


To maximize the effects of programming (either self programming or external) it is essential to reinforce the "message" by repeating it at regular intervals. To conjure images in the mind (through visualization or imagery) creates a mental environment which enhances acceptance. These are also elements of effective propaganda.




Propaganda is generally defined as the dissemination of information, but more specifically, it connotes the dissemination of information for the purposes of persuasion and advocating an agenda.


Repetition - owing to the infantile limitations of collective memory, a message must be continuously propagated in order to take hold within the collective consciousness.


Simplicity - The message must be designed in such a way that it appeals to or is quickly understood by the lowest common intellectual denominator of the collective. This is not only true because of the vast ignorance of the masses, but also because the collective attention span is virtually nonexistent. We now live in a world of sound-bite discourse. The simple lie always conquers the complex truth.


Imagery - The most powerful propaganda is embedded within appealing imagery. This imagery could be pictorial or descriptive. This is why movies and music are such potent forms of pr propaganda.


Sentiment - The message must contain as little detail as possible, and instead be designed in such a way that it appeals to some strong emotion or sentiment.


The exclusion of detail allows for the quicker processing of the message, while the underlying sentiment reinforces it. The message need not be logically or factually based, this only clouds the affective force of the message. If any logic or fact is included, it must be very simple and plain, requiring virtually no processing time — the use of cliches and platitudes is quite effective.

The Elements of Propaganda


· Using selective stories that come over as wide covering and objective.


In the teachings of James Lloyd, this element is satisfied by selecting scripture which can be taken out of context using an appeal to the emotions and desires of the listener. Example: the nullification of the teaching in Matthew 5:43-46 Matthew 19:19, and other teachings on Christian charity and love by using hypothetical examples of people who "might" attack you or your family physically, evoking emotional images in the listeners mind.


Bring to mind the subject of the greatest gift of God and you will be ridiculed


· Using partial facts, or facts taken out of historical context. 


Exhibited in the "Identity of the Antichrist" in chapter 13 of this report, where James Lloyd mentions "facts" out of context. He mentions the name "Fatima" which is identified with the apparitions of "Mary" and with the "12th Imam" expected to by Shiite Muslims to appear in the end days, but misidentifies the expected "Imam" as being named "ALI" to support his conclusions. Facts which tend to disprove his "prophecies" are ignored.


· Reinforcing reasons and motivations to act due to threats on the security of the individual. 


Exhibited in his emotional "teaching" that if you ignore his "prophecies" that you will suffer in hell. The same motivator is used to convince his listeners that they must buy expensive "survival" gear (which he just happens to sell) or they are not being obedient to God. The power of God is downplayed and made secondary to the actions of the "remnant". To question him is to commit the "unforgivable sin". (Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.)


· Narrow sources of "experts" to provide insights in to the situation.


Only the perspectives of those who agree with the cult leader are deemed worthy of any serious consideration. This includes pagan, non Christians such Emmanuel Velokovsky (Who agrees with James Lloyd's "Planet X" scenario)


· Demonizing the "enemy" who does not fit the picture of what is "right".


Example: Anyone who disagrees with James Lloyd is characterized as a "moron" an "Idiot" and is operating "in the power of the Devil".


This serves to keep the followers "in line" or risk being castigated and shunned. The type of person who is drawn to this cultic group, has a desire to "belong" and seeks validation which will be removed should they raise questions as to the veracity or accuracy of the "prophet". 


It also engenders hatred (which being a strong emotion, intensifies the brainwashing process) towards outsiders, nullifying any influence those "outside" of the cult might (family, old friends etc.) have on the subject.


· Judgments are often made while, the boundary of discourse itself, or the framework within which the opinions are formed are often not discussed. The narrow focus then helps to serve the interests of the propagandists. This is employed in a textbook fashion at Christian Media.


Demonization and Name Calling: This is done on a regular basis by James Lloyd. It not only labels any opposing argument his doctrine may face as heretical and demonic, lessening the chance that his victims will examine any criticism on it's own merits, but has the subtle effect of placing an unrealized fear into the victims mind that they might likewise be in "spiritual danger" should they disagree with their leader. It also discourages any dissenting views within the group for fear of being so labeled and cast out of "fellowship".



Emotional Appeal: This is done to facilitate the whipping up the emotions of the disaffected to bypass the critical thinking process. This makes it less likely the victim will give the doctrine of James Lloyd any critical examination, working in tandem with the demonization tactic.



Using Half-Truths and Lies: If a listener knows little about a subject such as bible prophecy etc. using a half truth (something the target may have some knowledge about) lends and air of legitimacy to the falsehoods.



Humor or Caricatures: This is used to soften the negative flavor of propaganda, giving it a more palatable quality, and becomes somewhat entertaining to some people. All these techniques are employed in combination with each other to enhance the subjects susceptibility and to improve the materials marketability.



The first stage of this process is to change the perception of reality the target functions under. This is the classic pattern cult leaders utilize to control their prey. A "strong" personality, preying upon the hopes and fears of their prospect in an emotional appeal, plays upon the insecurities of the victim, telling them that they are destined for a horrible fate unless they abandon their values, promising them security and safety if they only embrace the controller's "truth". Once a cult leader, posing as an authority figure creates this condition in the thought process of their subject, they " wipe the brain-slate clean", and the manipulation can proceed without the interference of critical thinking.


New thought patterns, in the form of suggestion and reinforced through regular repetition, are then substituted for their previous values and perceptions. Of course, to destroy the most central part of critical thinking skills requires a heavy emphasis on the severe consequences of ignoring the dire warning of the "prophetic figure". This is the old "carrot and stick" formula. The stick is eternal damnation which all who reject the "prophet" deserve, and the "carrot" is the eternal reward God promises his people, and the validation of being one of the few "elite" (or as James tells them "the elect") "on the inside" of the circle of knowledge. In the case of the Christian Media Cult, James Lloyd holds both the carrot and the stick.He tells his listeners that if they do not share his vision of biblical reality he will tell you "You're going the wrong way!", "You're headed for hell if you ignore my message!" .


By fear and mental intimidation, he breaks down the critical thinking skills of his listeners, most often by misquoting scripture with appeals to the baser emotions of his listeners. The Christian Media cult keeps you in a constant state of anxiety and fear of impending judgment. This pandering to the lower passions of mankind also finds expression in statements designed to protect him from the scrutiny of knowledgeable brethren such as "If you don't what I have to say, turn the dial you morons!" which serves to insult those who have enough of a foundation in biblical Christianity to oppose him to write him off as a nut case.


Although preaching a bitter gospel foreign to the bible, his railing strikes a chord in the disaffected (the so called angry white male segment in society). In his tirades against the government, the organized Church, and his opponents, his listeners find validation in all of the baser human emotions (anger, fear or excitement) they have suppressed because of conventional norms such as manners and social protocol, under which most of humanity (saved and unsaved alike) must live. These emotions must be pushed to extreme levels, or the "conversion" may not "take". We have examples of James Lloyd actually threatening violence against his opponents in extreme hatred in an attempt to inflame the passions of his listeners, evidenced by on air statements such as, "The only reason they (his opponents) are still alive, is that it is against the law to kill them" and, "If I see you (another opponent) you die". This has led some of his followers to make similar threats and in at least one case led to an assault with a deadly weapon upon an unarmed man.


The same (although more sophisticated) technique has been used by sales cults and prosperity cults for many years. The Cults of Amway, Mary Kay Cosmetics and the "No Money Down" get rich quick real estate cults with slight variation, use the same technique. Only a small "elite" group has the "millionaire mentality " to become financially independent. A tiny fraction of society has the "special drive" and intelligence to "make it to the top", and the "key" is zeal. You have to subordinate every other aspect of your life to "your goal" or you will be in that "other group", those poor people who plod along on the path to mediocrity. But the fact that you are "here tonight" in the company of this "special group" which is privy to the "secrets of wealth" shows that you have "the right stuff". But of course you have to seize the moment without hesitation or you will probably be "left out". Each of these "commercial cults" have a "leader" with a "strong personality", who's methods and perception must never be questioned.


In the Cult of Christian Media, only the "elect" have the "spiritual discernment" to be "saved". But you must have the "zeal" to subordinate every thought that is contrary to the teaching of "the Prophetic Figure" (James Lloyd) or you will be "lost" in that "other group" of poor people who will spend eternity in torment. But the fact that you have found "the network" on the internet or shortwave radio shows that you have been called to share in the "secret mystery of God's Truth" with this "special group", "the remnant" proves that you are safe from damnation, but only if you join us, lest you be "left out". 


Any group that takes issue with any "doctrinal position" of the "leader", no matter how small the deviation, is working in the power of the Devil". To criticize James Lloyd, or those who associate with him, is to commit the unpardonable sin, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Anyone who does not go along with the program will be intimidated into agreement or forced to leave.


This is identical to the practice of another, more well entrenched cult known as the Roman Catholic Church, who has a leader who also requires unquestioned obedience from his followers. This doctrine of blind obedience was articulated in that cult 500 years ago. In the 6th century, pope Pelagius defined a "heretic" as being anyone who does not submit to the Roman Church. "Schism is evil. Whoever is separated from the apostolic see is doubtless in schism," he said. Later, Pope Damasus wrote: "It is permitted neither to think nor to speak differently from the Roman Church." (See Guinness, Romanism and the Reformation, p. 35.)


This demand for unquestioning fealty to the "Remnant Pope" is repeated in more subtle ways on the Christian Media Network. He has threatened listeners with "excommunication" if they should question him about his practices. Now in truth, James Lloyd probably doesn't realize he is using a brainwashing technique. He has simply done what other manipulators have done throughout history. He discovered a persuasive quality in his "sales pitch" and made adjustments each time he stumbled upon a technique that facilitated his goal, believing himself to be working in the power of "The Spirit". And cloaking his zeal for control and the praise of his "followers" in the office of "a prophet of God", using the Holy Bible (mainly out of context), he has long ago become convinced of his "mantle", believing sincerely that he alone has the key to understanding of the "Mysteries of God".


As he has seduced others into the mindset of the cult, he has also seduced himself. Contemporary society describes this phenomena as "believing one's own press". The bible describes the same thing in 2nd Timothy 3:13 "Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived". His sincerity and conviction serve to trap the unwary, and his faith in himself allows him to use scripture to justify the naked commercialism and behaviors that even his own teaching condemns, without a trace of consciousness of the hypocrisy of his behavior, or even a sense of personal shame.


Through repetition and cognitive saturation accomplished by "encouraging" his followers to listen to his network, exclusive of all other sources of "instruction" or information which is broadcast 20 hours a day on shortwave radio and 24 hours a day on the internet, the critical thinking of his victims is impaired along with their judgment, and they become even more suggestible. The effects of this process grow exponentially as the listener continues without time for personal reflection, to immerse himself in the network "programming" in an attempt to understand the secrets of "bible prophecy", and the mental takeover of the target becomes easier. The new listener is bombarded with a deluge of new information. During each broadcast the listener is promised more "secrets" next time. Long-term control of a victim is dependent upon repetition. The authority of the cult leader must be emphasized regularly, or he will soon lose his power over the person. 


This cultic "indoctrination" is accompanied by a regular regimen of commercials, offering products designed to appeal to the fear of famine, impending disaster, ill health and lack of discernment, of which the word of God warns his people, and which James Lloyd just happens to be able to supply. The commercials which contain not only an appeal to the listener to send money to James Lloyd but even more suggestions that reinforce the thought control process ensure that the assertions of the cult leader are much more likely to be accepted by the listener. Given a steady diet of emotional appeals to please God (By pleasing James Lloyd) over a prolonged period of time, the more susceptible listeners begin to accept the suggestions as commands; as long as those commands did not ask the viewer to do something contrary to his morals, religion, or self-preservation. Given enough exposure to this constant mental input, the original structure of the personality is replaced with new patterns of thinking and behavior.


However, no matter how enthralled the listeners become, eventually it becomes obvious that the "prophet" cannot deliver what he promises. After a follower has been stung enough times the spell begins to wear off. Ordinarily after ordered products either never arrive or are of an inferior quality, a person might become suspicious of the motives of the "leader" and perhaps even become angry enough to report the charlatan to the authorities. For a while the refrain "If you go to the Beast (the government) you are displeasing God, because the scriptures say 'to whom you submit yourself, his servant ye are' and you don't trust them to help you do you?", which is a regular theme of the network is enough to dissuade the dissatisfied customer from reporting the scam. The hypocrisy plainly seen in the fact that James Lloyd runs to "The Beast" to protect himself is ignored. Should that eventually wear off, the once zealous follower is reminded that they have not paid income taxes, with the implication that they might face jail if they report the abuses, and might want to "Take it to the Lord".


With the continual exhortation from James Lloyd that God will not favor those who pay their income taxes, there is a built in intimidation factor for those who have once followed him and his directions implicitly, which mitigates against reporting him to the authorities. Few have the courage to hold his feet to the fire.I can tell you with assurance that should you make any vociferous attempt to hold them to the standard they espouse, you can expect to be vilified, attacked, falsely accused, stalked, assaulted, and sued.. Any attempt by others to hold them to the standard they espouse is seen as "persecution". However, over the course of time, hypocrisy usually appears from within the cult leadership itself, planting the seeds of doubt which will leave the target poorer but wiser, and which is the cause of the regular turnover.


This development prepares the stage for "purges" of those within the ranks who cannot stomach the lying or deception they may notice. The followers soon become divided: the "loyal" ones allow their consciences to be dulled to the real moral issues and justice as they re-affirm their loyalty to James Lloyd as God's chosen spokesman, while the dissenters refuse to tolerate the power play going on in God's name. Such purges must occur periodically to "keep the organization clean." That is simply another way of saying that they need to kick out those who are independent thinkers, the greatest enemies of cults.


Old listeners eventually realize they have been sold a "bill of goods" by the cult leader and either move on, or at least stop supporting the cult with their financial gifts and product purchases. Because of this, they are always fishing for fresh victims who are not savvy to the scam. They need a constant supply of new converts, to whom the tired old tape sets and products are fresh and exciting. Without "fresh meat", the cult will die. As new converts enter into the fold in their ignorant zeal and exuberance, they are encouraged to recruit new members, either by telling them to listen to the internet broadcast or by submitting the new target's e mail address for an unsolicited "prophecy" newsletter.




To discourage the loss of followers through attrition, pressure is put to bear upon the perspective dissidents by the loyal lieutenants who "put them on the spot" playing upon feelings of guilt that they should have for "abandoning the faith". Cults often urge group conformity, which is a form of mind manipulation. Christian Media fosters a group mentality. Individuals are not allowed to think for themselves. Any who are seen to be contrary to the cultic dictum are accused and repentance (to the cult) is demanded. Just as in communist totalitarian social orders, there is the demand that one confess to crimes one has not committed, to sinfulness that is artificially induced, all for the "sake" of "the brethren" (translate cult).


The existence of those who recognize the cult mechanics of Christian Media and work to expose it is capitalized on by James Lloyd, and much propaganda is then spread to stigmatize those "outsiders" who criticize the group. Until such time as the scam becomes transparent (usually after the target spends a great deal of time and money) the propaganda is quite effective in convincing the initiate that all who oppose their group are either demonic or seriously misled by the devil, and must be avoided at all costs.


Those who are seen to be "on the fence" versus these "outsiders" and are examining the the plain teaching of biblical truth which testifies against the cult, are given scriptures taken out of context, to support the case of the loyal lieutenants as a "thought-stopping" technique, they are told that they will become "stronger believers" and develop "proper discernment" if they accept the presented interpretation, and that they are in danger of "being lost" if they should question the cult. These lieutenants will become quite angry and rebuke the initiate for listening to "apostates" and will threaten them with group ostracism and excommunication if they entertain such thoughts for long.


The suspected party is unknowingly recorded on audio tape and asked to verbally "confess their faults to the brethren" in "confidence" which will be used at a later date and replayed under the guise of "bearing witness" should they persist in their rebellion against the cult. Each and every word that the victim utters will be analyzed dissected, and manipulated to show him in the most unfavorable terms the accusers can concoct. This is of course nothing more than an attempt to blackmail their critics into silence.


This is in conformity to how a cult operates. A cult tries to put pressure on all who are suspected of having "disloyal" sympathies and if unsuccessful, will try to isolate them from all the members. But to whom are we to subject ourselves? Where are our loyalties supposed to be, and to whom do the believers answer? The Bible says in Romans 14:12: "So then each of us shall give account of himself to God." In Joshua 24:15, the Bible says: "Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve."


The example of others who have been verbally attacked in print publications and on the radio by the James Lloyd and his loyal lieutenants serves as an implied threat that the same fate might be theirs unless they repent of disloyalty to the cult. The bare truth is that the "remnant" must think and do as they are told, otherwise they are dangerous to the organization. A tremendous guilt complex is placed on the individual who bucks the system.


This Nazi-like mentality must be bred to ensure a proper policing of the ranks. It also makes dissent much more unlikely, because of the high price that must be paid by the one who attempts to speak out and be heard. He will lose his "spiritual family" permanently. If a member leaves, the others are not allowed to talk to them from then on, for fear of being contaminated. This is also effective as a form of psychological punishment intended to bring them back into the cult. 


Reduced to it's basic elements, the goal of the Christian Media Network is not the saving of your soul, the edification of the brethren or to bring glory to the God of Heaven and his Son Jesus Christ; it's about mind control of the unsuspecting listeners, who seek validation of their own emotional response to a wicked world and about the desire of one man to enrich and bring glory to himself through a false interpretation the word of God. Once you allow external forces, the forces of the church you were brought up in, the forces of your family or anybody else to shape your mind, to make your decisions, you are preparing for the group pressure that will come at the time of the end to get you to conform to a certain way.


If you allow your family to shape how you believe today, as wonderful as they may be, or if you allow the church you were raised in, or give your consent to anybody else which would give them authority to mold your belief today, that prepares you for the time to come when the world and society in general, will take that authority and use it to pressure you to take the Mark of the Beast. This will be accomplished in the same manner and with the same devices your false prophets and brethren have used.


This will be done with scripture, and these tactics will continue to be used by the Deceiver, after your false prophets and leaders who are today the foundation of your faith are exposed as the frauds they are. The same thought process is used in both scenarios. It takes courage to turn from the doctrines of men and the pressures they apply to keep you from doing so. Sadly, few have the courage it takes to stand up for Christ and against men and so, will be deceived.


We are warned by no less an authority than Jesus Christ that many will come in his name saying that he is Christ, and yet they will deceive many would be believers. We are warned of false prophets and false Christs, some performing great signs and miracles in an effort to deceive. We are warned of false teachers teaching damnable heresies, denying the basic teachings of our Savior, and making merchandise of the sheep.


We are told to take heed to ourselves lest any man deceive us. And yet with all these admonitions and more, many are seduced by pretenders who come to them in pride and bitterness of spirit, in hatred and malice, claiming to have superior spiritual knowledge, which they offer to all who accept their authority.


We are also promised that should we follow them, we are in direct opposition to God's commandments, and our disobedience in following the spirit of error is as the sin of witchcraft. Yet for all the warnings there are all too many who are content to follow the pernicious ways of craftiness and deceit. Why then do so many people with a biblical background fall prey? The answer given at the beginning of this chapter, bears repeating.


The first thing that needs to be recognized is that the victims of brainwashing have a choice to participate or not. It is by a conscious decision of each person involved to accept the authority the cult leaders and their claims, that allows the process to work. Each and every one of us has free will, each and every one of us is allowed to choose whom or what we will follow, and each and every one of us will face the consequence, for good or for evil, for what we choose to do with the opportunities presented to us.



Choose well.







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