James Lloyd Declares War on Steve Quayle




The rancor between Steve Quayle (Pictured to the right), James Lloyd and the other radio hosts intensified upon Blodgett's departure. Of the half dozen hosts that left, one of the more vociferous was Bill Brumbaugh (Pictured below left).


Bill Brumbaugh

 It was  Blodgett, Quayle, and Brumbaugh, that made up the core of "Enemy Troika" that became the targets of the anger with which James Lloyd was consumed, and by extension, those of us who remained. These three were the subjects of most of the wasted airtime at James Lloyd's Christian Media® in the year 2001.

Steve Qyayle




Another ex host who left in the "rebellion" as James called it, was Pastor David Lankford. His departure from CMN illustrates another example of this peculiar fluid relationship James Lloyd has with the truth, is illustrated in the case of Pastors David Lankford and Butch Paugh. It seems as though James sent a letter which was critical of Lankford to to Butch Paugh, and according to James, Butch not only shared it with Lankford, but printed it in his newsletter, without Mr. Lloyd's consent, which infuriated him.


It is interesting that what angered Lloyd is that he was caught talking behind Lankford's back to Butch Paugh, and Butch brought this "Hidden Thing of Dishonesty" to light. However insignificant this may seem to be now, it was of such things that caused James to declare Butch Paugh, David Lankford and others, to be working in the power of Satan. A charge such as this should not be thrown about so cavalierly by any man who holds himself in as high esteem as James does. 


James did however, condone similar actions of his radio "hosts", when I was recorded on the David Lankfordtelephone, without my knowledge or permission, by Ralph Haaff, and broadcast on the network, in an attempt, which for some reason unknown to me, they believed would embarrass me.  This pattern of situational ethics is a theme which runs through many other cultic groups, and are characteristic of every dealing which James Lloyd has with his fellows.



The occasion for this mass exodus as mentioned previously, was the revelation that a listener named Dorothy Dishman, had sent a few thousand dollars to help pay for the airtime of some hosts at the network and that Blodgett had intercepted it James Lloyd's battle(through an error at the local post office) and he expected to get some money, or so the story has been told.


Apparently, Blodgett had shared that information with Steve Quayle and Bill Brumbaugh, who likewise, expected a credit against their bills owed to the network. The Troika maintained that James held the money without giving anyone credit, and the parties believing themselves to be aggrieved decided to leave the network. 


James disputes this, maintaining that although Dorothy mentioned the hosts she liked, there was no expressed desire on her part that they should receive any of it (although it seemed to be implied in her letter), and that she had ordered some merchandise beside. So did James short them as they believe? Did they make a money grab as James asserts? Where the truth lies is anyone's guess. It may be in the middle somewhere. At any rate, the love of money was at the root of this episode.


After the split, James had become consumed with the idea of destroying Steve Quayle. Nearly every broadcast he did from that point onward was crafted with an eye toward "going after" Quayle. He encouraged the rest of the hosts to do likewise, and in our own knee jerk fashion, we all dutifully did as we were told.


Steve Quayle was "operating in the spirit of Antichrist."  "...Steve Quayle is a liar..."  "...Bill Brumbaugh is a deadbeat..."  "...David Lankford is a false prophet..." I am not saying that these statements are all untrue (as I cannot know for certain), but there was a better use of the airtime than the petty bickering.  The whole thing became more than distasteful.


James had me listen to countless hours of studio master tapes of Quayle's "Q Files" show, which I did despite my heavy workload, in a vain effort to find statements which could be used as "ammunition" against him, and James recorded daily every broadcast Steve did on GCN during this period for the same purpose. Mr. Quayle, perhaps wanting to rise above the pettiness, said much less about James Lloyd than vice versa. If this came at the expense of sending the merchandise our Christian Media customers had ordered in a timely fashion, so be it.


At one point, James paid a private investigator a large sum of money to "dig up dirt" on Quayle, ( and just as he has done with me, it was supplied by tithes sent by listeners to further "Yahweh's work") in an effort to ruin Quayle financially. This too was done under the justification of "bearing witness", in complete disregard for scriptural admonitions against "pulling up the tares," (Matthew 13: 24-30) and resulted in the our Christian Media "Expose" (A tape set, a newspaper issue, and a website devoted to destroying Quayle) titled "The Strange Tale of Steve Quayle".

Steve Quayle's criminal act

The private eye Lloyd hired, did actually uncover some previously undiscovered information about Mrs. Quayle. She had once received a traffic ticket for speeding.


Quayle (or perhaps others in his camp who hoped to counter Lloyd's slanders), had published a web site which insinuated that Susan Lenox was a lesbian, and had been involved in a adulterous relationship with me, accusing me of not only committing adultery, but of being a murderous, drug addicted thug. Identical accusations have been hurled once again my way, this time by James himself. He couldn't prove a single such allegation when challenged to do so in court.


As if credibility was not an issue for my accusers, I was also accused of having sex in the forest with "pixies and elves".  And all the while, all the believers who were tuning in to the network for spiritual meat were getting, was a constant diet of petty squabbling. These childish antics continued to consume precious shortwave airtime, bringing the cause of our faith into disrepute before an international audience, until the summer of 2002, at which time I became the target of choice for these disobedient children.




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