James Lloyd Begins Christian Media Network


In about 1999 James began to have trouble with the network he was with (Truth Radio) and for some reason became angry with Dave Frantz, the owner of the shortwave station WGTG and began the Christian Media Network with Chris Blodgett. (Pictured) At that time I couldn’t understand what James saw in Chris Blodgett, but I have come to realize that if there is a way James can see a use for someone he will try to use them, as James Lloyd has an exploitative quality. Chris was an obvious con man from what I could see and since James began to build the network, I guess Chris’s technical knowledge became an asset that outweighed his liabilities. Chris also had some knowledge of the Greek and Hebrew languages, which also seemed to impress James.



At about the time Christian Media Network® was put on line, I had also severed my connection with WGTG and was broadcasting on WINB at 11.950 MHz from Red Lion, Pennsylvania. After he had begun the network, James asked if I would do the Beacon of Truth on Christian Media Network. After declining several times, I finally agreed and began to purchase airtime from James. Also, as the network increased the hours of operation, James began to call me, or ask in person at the post office (as I saw him there regularly). “Hey, how would you like to work the (audio) board”? In October of 2000, after repeated requests, I agreed to come to work the "mixing board" (pictured below) for James at the network.


Not being paid for six weeks and believing I would be run into the ground at the rate things were going, I got out. I gave James my two weeks notice and left (on New Year’s Eve – 12/31/2000). The following week, I heard Lloyd on the Apocalypse Chronicles, complaining about a “mass exodus” that had suddenly taken place the following week when five or so, of his paying hosts had left the network with little notice (which James stated had been engineered by Chris Blodgett to destroy the network behind James’ back).


About a week later James put out a call on the air saying, “If anybody knows how to get ahold of Craig Portwood, have him call me”. I called him and he asked if I would return and I changed my plans. I did return but I informed James that I needed to be paid. James agreed and I moved into a shed which Lloyd had on the 88+ acre property. I worked like a dog for him and was treated almost as well.

Exit Chris Blodgett


I will never forget that day: Chris was live on the air and James was on the telephone pleading with with Steve Quayle to stay with Christian Media. The reasons for Quayle's departure were because of the manipulations orchestrated by Blodgett, and as would be expected, it involved mammon. It seems as though a woman named Dorothy Dishman had sent 3 or 4 thousand dollars to James for the purpose of keeping her favorite hosts on the air, and also ordered some merchandise. Rather than applying it to the bills of the broadcasters, James kept the whole thing.


Whether or not as Blodgett asserted that the cash should be applied to the bills of the hosts (which was immaterial in his case, as he paid no money for airtime) or it was as James asserts, his money cannot be determined, as none of them seem to be able to tell the truth when it comes to their precious money, but it certainly would be in character for James to stiff them. Having been told by Quayle that Blodgett spilled the beans about Dorothy, James slammed the phone on Quayle, stormed into the studio and asked me if Chris was live on the air. I told him that he was, and James said "cut him off". James stormed out again to compose himself and returned in five minutes, with Chris still talking into his phone at home, but not going out over the air. James then picked up the phone and told Chris "You're off the air." After waiting for whatever response Blodgett gave to that, James exploded " Why were you talking to Steve F@#!& Quayle about my F@#&! finances? You have no F@&#! business talking about my F@#&! money with anybody!"


Blodgett was sent packing. Lloyd them angrily wrote the pamphlet "Liars for the Lord" about Blodgett. He accused Blodgett of stealing food from Lloyd and the usual sins.


According to a site called Zoom Info Business People Information, another version of this story is told:


"After Chris parted company with Christian Media Network, Mr. Lloyd subsequently distributed (He attempts to sell the book for $6.00, but from what we have seen, he gives away more of them than he sells.) a self-published book titled Liars for the Lord, allegedly about Chris and his wife Sharon. Professor Mack paid a visit to Oregon at Chris' request and investigated Mr. Lloyd's claims. He found many of Mr. Lloyd's claims to be totally inaccurate and dangerously libelous. When he interviewed the local authorities, they considered Mr. Lloyd's claims outrageous (they responded with laughter). Besides, if Chris had stolen all the items Mr. Lloyd claims he has stolen, would he not be serving time in the Oregon State Penitentiary for Grand Larceny? If the local Oregon authorities do not consider Mr. Lloyd's claims credible, why should we?


Chris does have stocks of food in preparation for the end times, but when asked, he produced invoices from Safe-Trek foods and other suppliers to support his purchases. When Professor Mack quizzed Steve Quayle, the president of Safe-Trek Foods about the purchases, he confirmed them without question. We are certain that Mr. Lloyd would counter that Mr. Quayle is lying also. But isn't it interesting, we are finding that everyone who disagrees with Mr. Lloyd is determined by him to be a "liar, cheat or thief." Our own Professor Mack was been derided in such a manner by Mr. Lloyd on December 17, 2001. The Professor has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission in regard to this matter. (See below)


We were aware of the Blodgett's financial problems, but they are no different than the financial problems we have found with other ministries. Of course, if Mr. Lloyd would have paid them a reasonable salary based upon the talents and abilities Chris possessed, their problems might have been diminished.


Unfortunately, Chris never asked for a salary and Mr. Lloyd took advantage of this by not paying him one.


What we do find disturbing is that Mr. Lloyd apparently obtained confidential information on the Blodgett's finances from their former credit card companies, probably under false pretences. For him to obtain this information without the consent of the Blodgetts is a clear violation of several Bank Secrecy and Confidentiality Acts. We would hope the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) would investigate this.


We are further concerned with the threats made by James Lloyd on Chris Blodgett's and other people's lives on the air. How can one call himself a Christian and do things like this? We have these threats documented on an MP3 file. We have filed a complaint with the FCC in this matter and submitted the MP3 file to the FCC as evidence."

I remember hearing that threat made live on international shortwave radio. If indeed a complaint was filed, nothing came of it. In any event, Chris was gone and another round of the shortwave wars was about to begin.





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