The true story of James Lloyd doing business as Christian Media Network


Just so we understand each other


Some have informed me that James Lloyd has intimated that there are on the internet, "forged or "false" documents, audio files and the like, which have been put in place by "enemies of the gospel." Mr. Lloyd is certainly not referring to me nor any document, audio file, or presentation of fact about him on this website. Falsifying and or misrepresenting court documents, recorded conversations, etc., is unlawful and would place the malfeasor in jeopardy of civil action.


James Lloyd wouldn't think to accuse me of such a thing. He knows that I would sue him for defamation - and win. Those who truly desire to find false documents and other libelous material, should continue to search for the source of such "forged" or "false" documents, identify the culprit, then exhort James Lloyd to sue them in court.


I'm glad I could clear the air about this.



James Lloyd: The Lost Episodes



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This chapter is mainly a presentation of the words of James Lloyd recorded directly from shortwave radio, taken from his "Apocalypse Chronicles"® radio show in 1998. However, in order to understand the context of his statements made at that time, we need to examine them in the milieu in which they were spoken. A brief history of the time must be first presented to facilitate that understanding.


Before there was a Christian Media Network, there was shortwave radio


James Lloyd came to his limited national prominence during the time which could be called the "heyday" of alternative shortwave radio (1995-1998) on the coattails of Steve Quayle, in an appearance on his "Blueprint for Survival" program. It was in this period that alternative shortwave radio began reaching out to a domestic audience. Many people who had become fed up with the controlled media had discovered shortwave radio and shortwave radio had discovered them. Read More>>








Track 1. James Lloyd pleads to be put "On record" as to the date of America's destruction which he "prophesied"  would occur in June of 1998. A great "sales pitch".




Track 2. Are you a NEW sucker?  America to be destroyed in less than 90 days. Global Marshal Law, Nuclear Bio war with death in the millions in America. Lloyd flirts with Y2K. "Tune back in tomorrow..."




Track 3. Y2K false prophecy complements Lloyd's own false prophecy. Y2K supports Lloyd's 4th of July date for America's destruction!   Others have visions...




Track 4. James Lloyd speaks with "authority" on April 20th, 1998. "This will happen",  and " long as no prophetic statements coming out of me has been seen to be false, I will continue"




Track 5. For "New Listeners". James Lloyd states that if he misses the 1998 4th of July prophecy "It is over for me, it is finished" and that he will "withdraw" from the ministry. Classic mind control op.




Track 6. Here's a "scary" sound clip: James Lloyd preaches on "Idle words". He does not however practice what he has preached.  Classic James Lloyd audio.




Track 7. James Lloyd talks about why he will NOT have a website.  Classic James Lloyd hypocrisy.  "Have you been listening"?




Track 8. The "hard sell" defending his selling of storage food. On March 10th 1998,  James Lloyd uses the scriptures, to condemn those who believe he is wrong as "false shepherds".  "Somebody is really wrong"  "WE SHALL SEE!"




Track 9. April 10th 1998, James Lloyd announces that "God brought me to this particular point" and then does a commercial for storage food. Scaring up customers. Classic James Lloyd Merchandising.  "You're Running out of time!"   "UH..."




 Track 10. James Lloyd makes himself equal with Christ in this clip from 2004.




Track 11. Making predictions "really nothing" for James Lloyd.  More "layers" of prophetic understanding lead up to the 1998 prediction and give Lloyd a "knowing of what the text (The Bible)  has been saying all along..."   The increase of prophetic understanding tells James that he is on the right track. Dramatic.




Track 12. James Lloyd from May 7th, 1998:  " Incredibly", rather than gaining knowledge of a lack of Holy Spirit presence in his "prophecy",  James claims that he knows "more" each day about it. He claims that more details and more power are given him from whatever spirit placed these words into his mouth. And he blames it on "The Bible". A Pathetic example of the man being blinded by his own pride and arrogance.




Track 13. James Lloyd the "Madman" fishing to add to his database with his false prophecy. He states "I haven't  missed any prophecies"  He says "I hope I'm wrong". He keeps trying to sell his books and tapes to the suckers. "Frightening"




Track 14. Another James Lloyd contradiction: Two separate audio clips show him on two separate occasions contradicting himself and Jesus Christ as well.  It would seem as though he cannot remember what his doctrine is from one day to the next.




Track 15. In this one, James Lloys is just plain silly. In this clip, the scholarly James Lloyd seems to think Satan is dead, describing something as being from "the sepulcher of the Devil"!   Satan must be spinning in his grave!




Track 16. James Lloyd begins his unmanly whining about his long hours while some mock his false prophecy. "Go to them who sell" seems to be a reference to James Lloyd. Notice his mocking tone as the clip ends. Compare his words with those of Jesus Christ in Matthew 5:42; "Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away."  I suppose James will have to set our Lord straight about this on Judgment Day. (Station ID for WWCR included.)




Track 17. Prophecy Writer James Lloyd raises "the stakes". States that a prophecy writer who's prophecies don't come true is a false prophet. Are you a false prophet then James?  Maybe he's not a false prophet. Maybe he works for the CIA instead?



Track 18. James Lloyd. claims that all those people who have not been willing to hear his "truth" will not live to the end of the year.



Track 19. James Lloyd feels like "Jonah". Less than 90 days before the Tribulation begins".  A desperate ploy to entice more suckers to fall into his "elaborate" trap.




Track 20. It's been more than 10 years since James Lloyd made this statement. Have you deciphered "the truth of the matter"  yet?




Track 21. An Overview of 1998 in James Lloyd's version of "Bible Prophecy."  A Classic James Lloyd Montage!  Listen Closely!



Track 22. James Lloyd wouldn't be talking about his listeners here would he?  Hmmmm...


Track 23. Here is a Bonus track that proves that "Watchman" Rick Walters agrees.


In these cuts from January 16, 2003 (placed "back to back") James Lloyd announces that (the now long dead)  Pope John Paul II will be "rejuvenated" and that "you don't get to get this stuff (Bible prophecy) wrong". The Pope's death is indeed "significant". Typical James Lloyd humility as he "snipes from the sidelines". "Get out of the way" James!





In this 2 minute 14 second clip from February 15, 2005,  James Lloyd intimates that (all laws of nuclear physics aside) the planet Saturn will be "ignited" and become a "new sun". "We're going to tell you more when we come back" so break out your tinfoil hats and stay tuned for more! Not mind control?




Here's another silly James Lloyd comment. In this brilliant statement, "Professor Lloyd" announces that the earth "presently spins at 66,600 MPH". Pretty funny James!


Since the circumference of the earth is only about 24,000 miles, this means that each week on planet earth is less than 3 hours long! James has admitted in the past that he has trouble with "Timing"..."Funny how that math keeps working out".




Here is a Classic! Pay close attention as James Lloyd "Baffles em' with Bull****".


Are his listeners REALLY that brainwashed? It would appear to be so, as James confidently spits out such poppycock without so much as a hint of laughter. Maybe if they buy the tape set and listen several times they will understand completely. Operation Mockingbird?


"Now let me go back and say that again..."




Track 24. In this audio clip, James Lloyd dismisses a vile attack made upon an innocent child by one of his network hosts, which was made in an attempt to smear me.


In this sound clip James first denies it, and then laughs about it. This clip captures the very essence of James Lloyd and his unholy host.


Once he had realized that he had been caught on tape, James defended the act, lying to cover for himself and his host. Where is Lloyd's proof?




To this day, NONE OF THEM have repented of this.


Those of you who have had a part in this by supporting them with money and patronage will be held accountable before Christ if you do not repent.


This track is about 5 minutes long and takes a long time to load, but if you refuse to face this now, you will face Christ with this  held to your account.


The blood be upon your own head. You have been warned.


James Lloyd's Violent Sexual History


Dangerous Products: James Lloyd and the Black Salve Fraud




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