James Lloyd and Steve Quayle: James Lloyd Expands His Reach

Prophecy for Sale by Craig Portwood






Christian Media came into the limited national prominence shortwave radio offers through his association with Steve Quayle of “Safe Trek Outfitters” in Bozeman, Montana. Mr. Quayle had a radio program on Jeff Baker’s Amerinet network. Mr. Quayle, whom James Lloyd used as his mentor, would typically focus his broadcast on some perceived international threat to the security of his audience. During the break (if not woven in the fabric of the subject itself), Quayle would present a “special offer” that was designed to mitigate the “threat” of the latest wars or rumor of wars.


James himself saw a similar opportunity to profit from this relationship, providing sales “leads” from his readership to Steve Quayle. Lloyd would line up customers, receiving a small piece of the “mark up”. He soon began his own broadcast on the Amerinet Network.


It was about this time that James began to realize the financial potential of "prophecy". He began to make “predictions” that Rome Italy, New York City, Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California would be destroyed by July 4th, 1998. Lloyd promised each night that he had more “information” which would confirm his prediction.


A logic was presented. The number 1998 was 666 times 3. He predicted that the Dow Jones Stock Market would reach 6666 (either on the way up or down) when disaster struck. He also "predicted" that there would be a total world population of 6 Billion people when the meltdown begins.


More “information” was presented that the (then) current UN Secretary General Kofi Anan would be killed in the nuclear destruction and have 42 Months of his term left in July of 1998 (which Lloyd’s candidate Boutros Boutros Ghali would then complete, fulfilling the 42 months prophesied in Revelation 13:5 as the "reign of the Antichrist) and so on. As of February 16, 2016, Ghali is deader than a doornail.


It is interesting that James characterizes his proud, pompous, and presumptuous style, as "teaching with authority". This led to a SIX FIGURE INCOME for James Lloyd in 1998 (tax free)! He launched into his now familiar refrain that "We believe we have a word from the Lord, and if you ignore what we have to say, you are not in Christ like you believe you are", and "If you don't heed our warning, there will be a price to pay" and other statements intended to "scare up" financial support for the ministry. This tactic continues to this day.


The "Failed Prophecy"


As you may know, no attack took place in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami or Rome (the lack of a nuclear attack was in all the papers). The Monday (July 6th, 1998) following the 4th of July weekend I remember James on the Apocalypse Chronicles radio show, mentioning that he was going to fast and ask the Lord what he should do. The next week, he had the same old chip on his shoulder, complaining that he was being called a false prophet and other names. He complained on shortwave that “I have had a lot of phone calls about this and I don’t need to hear it. I’m not going to worry about it”.


Lloyd claims he was not responsible for his "Bold prophetic Statements" which misled how many people into sending him their money and heading for the wilderness. As many times as he had said “Thus saith the Lord” in connection with this now obviously false prophecy and given the fact that he had promised on the air that “If I am wrong" about this, My public ministry "Is over", and "I will withdraw" from shortwave radio, and that the listeners should "turn away" from him. He had not only gone back on his word, but shown contempt for those who had heeded the “Word” that he had supposedly gotten from God. One wonders under what "authority" he taught this.


After the “prophesy” failed to materialize. James began to change his timing, saying that the forty-two month period was not based on calendar months and began examining it in Lunar months, and Sidereal months (that is according to “star time”) in an attempt to avoid being labeled a false prophet. When the new dates he "predicted" for the attack which he stated Lunar and Sidereal would suggest for the same event also proved to be uninspired, he began to liken himself to the prophet Jonah.


Jonah, who was called of God to warn Nineveh, only to have the people from the king to the commoners repent and fast in humility and fear of God. Even the beasts we are told, were made to fast with the citizens of that great city. In James Lloyd's role as Jonah, there was no repentance, no fasting, no fear of God among the people of Babylon/America, only more of the same. Despite the discrepancy between the state of Nineveh in Jonah's time and America in 1998 (and today), James continues to maintain his position that he is a modern day Jonah.


He also has likened himself to Job (without any of the outward righteousness of the great patriarch), to the prophet Daniel (again with little resemblance to that great prophet), to Joseph, and of course to our Savior Jesus Christ, claiming that his prideful on air railing and abusive tantrums, are in imitation of Christ turning over the tables of the merchants and money changers in the Temple of God.


It is difficult to compare the two, as our Savior never purged the temple just to set up his own wares in it's midst. It is interesting that Christ only spoke ill of the Pharisees for their HYPOCRISY, the same fault he (and his followers) flaunt without a second thought.




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