The true story of James Lloyd doing business as Christian Media Network


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Hypocrisy, Stumbling Blocks, and The Love of Money


1st Timothy 6:12 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Some who are familiar with James Lloyd might wonder how someone who claims to have the Spirit of Truth, could be so swallowed up in the pursuit of mammon and blinded to the most obvious contradictions between his words and deeds. It would seem as though his pride and avarice has become a "stumbling block" which occludes his vision. In his world, he alone has the Truth, and everyone who disagrees with him is in error. He states as much in his most recent "currents" newsletter.


Here are a few quotes from that publication:


"While I came to the conclusion long ago that the “truth” the LORD showed me was mutually exclusive to the “truth” others had come to, I was having difficulty in seeing how men that I had previously admired could actually be intentionally lying when they said that they sought the LORD, and `God showed me this…’ " In this statement, he assumes that those who do not share his perspective must be lying.


Rather than to take heed to himself to see if he is in the faith (as the scriptures tell us), he assumes that he alone has the "truth". In the world of James Lloyd, there is no self reflection measured with the word of God, that he might take stock of himself. How then does he miss such an obvious contradiction between the word of God and his own selfishly avaricious, and malicious behavior? He answers that question in the same publication:


"...the Scriptures tell us that God allows us to continue in the deceptions that we’ve ensnared ourselves in."


Rather than engaging in a give and take with others in the faith, using reason and civility, he concludes that "... the idea that `we can agree to disagree’ is completely unscriptural on any matter concerning the faith. There is only one truth, and everything else is a lie." And of Course He alone has the truth, so all else which counters his false teachings and prophecy "must be a lie". Paradoxically, he answers the question of how he could be so off the mark in the same newsletter "Through Ezekiel, God says that He has allowed this situation to progress because “they are all estranged from me through their idols” (Ezekiel 14:5). God desires our fellowship -- a fellowship that is true and unfeigned – not simply words, but deeds." James himself has two powerful idols in his heart: Pride and Mammon. The love of self and the love of control.


How could a man write so cogently about a subject and then make the same error himself. It is because of the blinding of the flesh. This occurs regularly in the human race. We call the practice Hypocrisy, and James Lloyd's hypocritical self deception is just another manifestation of this hallmark of humanity.


Christ explained this hypocrisy which was found in the Pharisees in Matthew 12:34-37:


"O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."


So it seem that each and every one of us will be judged by our own words. James Lloyd is no exception. By why would someone who has so obviously studied the word (as did the Pharisees) become so enthralled by the spirit mammon? It is about control. The avaricious drive that motivates all men to amass wealth, is a deep seated desire of the flesh for power and control. Money is the device that powerful people have used for millennia to consolidate and expand their grip on everything they hope to use to achieve their ends. Money is not the end, but the means of control. This carnal principal is utilized by James Lloyd as a regular part of his business strategy to satisfy his craving for power.


The business plan that has been employed at Christian Media involves control over the minds of his followers, and James learned early that to control them he has to not only lead them to purchase his books and tapes, but to control the way they perceive the world around them. This he can only do from his remote location, using shortwave radio. (See Chapter 7)


At some point James decided that he needed to control as much shortwave airtime as he could buy. His plan was (and apparently is) to purchase airtime from shortwave stations, and sell time to other broadcasters in an effort to not only make a profit, but to inject his commercials into each block of time. This makes good business sense for two reasons. First because of the obvious profit to be made by selling time for twice the price you paid for it, and the second is because he is able to insert his commercials into each broadcast hour, using regular repetition to influence his subjects to accept his view that his tapes, books, supplies and other goods are needed for their spiritual survival. 


If James Lloyd were simply running a business such as a radio network or a mail order operation and made no other claims, there would certainly be little room criticism. However, considering his claims of ministering to the needs of God's people, believers have a right to expect a higher standard of ethics than they would expect from a self-proclaimed prophet of God. The fact that Christian Media is a commercial vehicle pretending to be a ministering vehicle crosses the ethical line that believers have a right to have respected.


James 1:8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Lloyd stated he would never have a Christian Identity preacher, a rapture cultist or a 501 (c)(3) organization on his net. (You can read the testimony of another Christian Media Network host with 501 (c)(3) associations by clicking on this link.) He also said he would never have any dealings with the man he has called "Double Minded Dave Frantz" whom he has also called a snake and a liar a criminal and a number of other names. 


He also said the same about Steve Quayle who he accused of being possessed by the devil. He has recently made an unsuccessful attempt to re-recruit Steve as a host for Christian Media Network. James regularly makes high profile moral stands however, if there is any advantage to be gained for James Lloyd in hypocrisy or flip flopping on an issue, he embraces it after finding what he considers a suitable explanation to justify it. Sadly, he is deceived by his own rhetorical justifications. James' attempt to contact Dave Frantz after swearing he would never deal with him again, is typical of James' modus operandi.


Before I left Christian Media, I was instructed by James Lloyd, to call shortwave radio station owner Dave Frantz (Owner of WWRB) to seek his shortwave radio outlet as another platform for Christian Media, and LIE telling Dave that James was unaware of our conversation, so that James would "save face". James instructed me to tell Dave that he was not to make any public reference to it until James had a chance to concoct a justification he could sell the listeners, or the deal was off. The two attempts I made to contact Dave Frantz were unproductive, as he (probably smelling a rat) did not return my phone calls or e mails. For the time being, Dave Franz would have nothing to do with James Lloyd.


This crafty way of dealing in the shadows and handling the scriptures deceitfully to justify his manipulations, runs counter to the words of Paul which James has used out of context many times against his perceived "enemies" (including myself).


2nd Corinthians 4:1-2 Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not; But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God.


This type of clandestine manipulation was all too common at Christian Media, as the ends always seemed to justify the means, providing James was the one to instigate or approve of it. Rather than seek the Lord for assistance in a matter, James' hypocritical double standard, was employed when ever he felt he could get away with it.


Another deception which shows the hypocritical duplicitous nature of James Lloyd surrounds his tape set entitled "Triggering the Tribulation: The Guns of Gog with Darryl Thiess". The tape set is taken from an Apocalypse Chronicles broadcast that I produced. The Christian missionary Darryl Thiess who lived for 10 years in the former Soviet State of Georgia (now a republic) is a RAPTURIST with a 501 (c)(3) ministry. Towards the end of the broadcast, Mr. Thiess (not realizing James' enmity with his ministry, because James knew that telling him the truth would result in no interview) asked if he could give contact information for his 501 (c)(3) ministry. Feeling he had little choice but to broadcast the information (seeing as Mr. Thiess did help him) James agreed.


After the broadcast, James instructed me to DELETE that portion of the broadcast from the archive, so that no one buying the tape set would realize that his guest was what James Lloyd would call "a lying, thieving rapture cultist" with a 501 (c)(3) "Mark of the Beast". This is just another in a series of deceptions James Lloyd embraces in an effort to sell "product".


Eventually James did slip in to Dave Frantz's station WWRB "through the backdoor". I will share the mechanics of that maneuver now. Some may remember the broadcaster, Pam Stegner and her Preparedness Now, broadcast heard on AM radio station KCXL in Kansas City, Missouri. She had purchased air time from CMN in 2001 and had to terminate her shortwave presence because of the lack of support. I enjoyed operating the "board" for her, as she always had interesting topics, usually had top notch guests, and was very professional in her delivery. 


Her recent attempt to revive her shortwave broadcast on WWRB, enabled a much sought after connection for James with Dave Franz to occur. She was unable to send a stream to Dave's WWRB shortwave station, so Pam employed Christian Media Network to provide liaison. Of course James was delighted to send the signal (along with his commercials). Within a very short period of time, Pam discovered there was not enough support from Christian Media's listeners to continue the broadcast, and James was able to snap up the hour at her second departure. 


Studio "B"


Studio “B” was designed to distance Christian Media and James from broadcasts he wasn’t particularly proud of such as; Bill Smith who for a brief time had a show on the daytime frequency at 8:00 AM Pacific time and was “Christian Identity”, a theology James swore would never be allowed at the network. 


Also on Studio B, was a Genesis Communications Network host, Dr. Leonard Horowitz who advertised among other things, a "prayer machine". This device was advertised regularly on Christian Media during the Horowitz show. 501(c)(3) organizations were also soliciting funds, through the Genesis Network rebroadcast of The Power Hour with Joyce Reily and Dave Von Kliest. James is presently trying to do the same thing with the new "American Voice Network". He has pawned off all the non-Christian "patriot" programs on Francis Steffan AKA "Frank Hayes".


James has steadfastly criticized such people and these organizations. Why then did he do business with them? Because of the money he can make from re-broadcasting, because the arraignment allows him to control airtime, and because he can insert commercials for his products. Studio B was nothing more than a crafty way to get around his vow that such "unscriptural" positions and products would never be carried on Christian Media's network. Semantics are a popular stronghold of hypocrites.


A Native American Indian, Michael Runninghorse spoke on Susan Lenox's sound body as well as on the Rick Walters Acts One Eight Show, about his spirit god's and even pitched his non profit corporation on Christian Media! This is the same Rick Walters that pitched a fit when someone wanted to a erect a teepee at the first Clifty Falls conference.


It would seem as though Indian Spirit gods, 501(c)(3) non profit groups, Christian Identity proponents, and the "Let's take America back bunch" (as Rick Walters would say) are all welcome, as long as they pay their bills. It should be obvious to all that are paying attention to the words and deeds of James Lloyd, that he is nothing more than a bald faced, hypocritical opportunist, in it for the money.


There have been other examples of James Lloyd's doing an about face when he thought it would serve him financially. One such episode involves "Brother" R.G. Stair, of the Overcomer Ministry.


Although James Lloyd has been very critical of licensed 501(c)(3) ministries, and has known for years that Stair has a 501(c)(3) exemption, because of Stairs immense following, James has been reluctant to portray Stair in a negative light. He even went so far as to say about Stair "...We love the guy..." Indeed, James has told me on numerous occasions, " I want to go 'easy on' Stair, because I have always thought Stair's days are numbered, and I want to take over his listenership when the time is right". This calculation betrays the true nature of the man James Lloyd.


About a year ago, reports began to surface of alleged impropriety surrounding Stair. In response, James came to Stairs defense on the air, only to do an abrupt about face, and virulently denounce him once a barrage of criticism was leveled at James for defending Stair.


It would seem that James has once again pandered to the popular opinion for the sake of gain. I'm not saying it was wrong to denounce Stair's behavior (if indeed the reports are true), I am saying that to use a double standard in your assessment of unscriptural behavior, contingent upon it's effects upon your own "ministry" is hypocritical.


James Lloyd afterward sold shortwave radio time to the same man he has called a child molester!


Hypocrisy is a main feature of James Lloyd's personal character.


A double minded man is unstable in all his ways


In the case of "Studio B", the line of distinction was eventually blurred, then erased, as his listeners gradually became desensitized to the spiritual adulteration which had taken place at Christian Media Network, and studios "A" and "B" were both homogenized in content. A few examples follow:

Tom Collins


Tom Collins is just one example (Pictured below).


He was one of the supporters James has had in the Dallas Texas area for a few years. He has repeatedly claimed on the air, that he came to "know the Lord" while under the influence of the drug LSD. The drug LSD, for those few who may be unfamiliar with such things, is a powerful hallucinogenic drug, which causes the user to not only hallucinate, but it's effects cause delusional thinking as well, and which often causes a permanent psychosis in the user. Tom Collins trying very hard to look like James Lloyd


This may be in part responsible for what is perhaps one of the strangest things ever heard on the network. On his 11-11-02 broadcast on Christian Media Network, Tom Collins reported having a "vision" that he been approached by the "most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life", and felt “compelled to grab her genitalia” and then discovered that this “woman” had both male and female genitals, after he had grabbed it. He then reports that he rebuked it in the name of Jesus.


How bizarre!


I have not spent much time listening to this “show”, but I do know that James either condones presenting this type of “vision”, or worse still, is unconcerned about the content of what is broadcast on his network.



“Pastor” Rick Strawcutter


A later addition to the Christian Merchandise Network is “Pastor” Rick Strawcutter (Pictured below).Strawcutter left after Lloyd's 2003 false prophecies


His “program” “The God and Country Club”, is broadcast 4 times a day on Christian Media Network. Rick Strawcutter is a showman and a salesman par exilance.


He has successfully marketed his numerous books and tapes for years, using Christianity as a platform to give his ideas an appearance of moral standing and uprightness that they might otherwise not have, and by taking the title of "Pastor" his listeners cannot help but assume that he is aboveboard in his dealings. The package he has constructed is tailor made for use on a vehicle such as Christian Media Network. James has on numerous occasions, expressed his satisfaction with "Pastor" Strawcutter, even though he clearly "teaches" a Christian Identity message, (which James has claimed to oppose, and which he swore would "never" gain a foothold at Christian Media). This is nothing more than compromise for the sake of money.


This broadcast has promoted the idea that the Holocaust of Nazi Germany was not as severe as the historians say it was, and that there are some people who "cannot be saved" because of their race", and other ideas that James Lloyd claims he finds to be reprehensible (Unless of course, those who promote them are paying for airtime).


Rick Strawcutter has since left Christian Media Network® after the embarrassment of James Lloyd's most recent false prophecy (at least we imagine that to be the reason).


This “show”, like the other “patriot” broadcast on the network, “The Angie Carlson Show”, panders to the “let’s take America back bunch” as Rick Walters calls it, although he doesn’t feel compelled to stand up against either (Angie has since left the network because of poor listenership).


It is interesting that Rick Walters, who has proudly maintained that he refuses to "be a partaker of other men's sins", and that he will "touch not the unclean thing" (although he will EAT unclean things and teach others to do so), is in willful association with those whom if the circumstances were different, he would brand as "sinners" and "unclean". In his Hypocrisy, Rick Walters shows that he is a "true blue" double-minded man, who will associate with anyone if it serves his purpose. He calls himself a "Watchman on the wall", but if he is on "the wall", he seems to be looking in the other direction. He seems to be more of a "Hypocrite on the wall".


These two “shows” illustrate the fact that, principal always takes a back seat to profit in the moral economy of James Lloyd. As far as I'm concerned these men can preach what ever they want; I am a proponent of free speech. Censorship in a free society should not be tolerated, but when one vehemently berates people for not sharing his ideals, and then sells them time on his network, it is more than obvious that he employs a double standard. 


Tim Butler is another example of a host who has supported 501 (c)(3) ministries on the air without so much as a word from James Lloyd, who swears to this day that the 501(c)(3) license is the "Mark of the Beast" spoken of in the book of Revelation (although James had a commercial association with shortwave radio station WJIE which is owned by the 501 (c)(3) Church, First Assembly of God in Knoxville, Kentucky, until they ended the relationship because of Lloyd's venomous statements on air). James has re-established his relationship with WJIE.


Butler, who's main message seems to be that of denouncing radio preacher R.G. Stair, has in the past run commercial spots for such 501(c)(3) ministries as Voice of the Martyrs. Although I do not denounce the Voice of the Martyrs organization despite their licensed status, it is hypocritical of James Lloyd to both denounce, and at the same time lend tacit support to the same organization.


It is also interesting to note, that this was one organization that Rick Walters used as justification for branding Billy Hoffman a reprobate when he broke fellowship with him over Billy's support of that group in early 2002. (See Chapter 8)


Tim Butler has since come out against not only 501 (c)(3) ministries, but has made attempts to rebuke James Lloyd as a brother for his hypocritical, unbiblical teachings. Lloyd responded by "excommunicating" Butler from Christian Media.


Tim Butler has grown in understanding while Lloyd wallows in the mire.


These lapses in good judgment, are prompted by the love of Mammon.


There have been numerous other examples of hypocrisy and apostate teaching, being given a forum on the Christian Media Network. In January of 2003, James Lloyd announced the he would begin selling airtime to secular and occult groups on his "late night" hours to "reach out" to them. He then spent the remainder of his two hour Apocalypse Chronicles "Show", justifying the decision.


I do not know if he ever followed through on this, but just the fact that he considered it seriously enough to go public with that admission, is another example of his poor discernment, and how far he has fallen from the Holy Spirit of God.


Matthew 6:24 explains the matter succinctly: "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."

We have examined in this chapter, the obvious hypocrisy and double standard which James Lloyd employs, and which has become a part of the Christian Media Network, center stage. In the next chapter, we will examine those things which have taken place behind the scenes, which most of his disciples are not privy to.


This is most unpleasant and distasteful for me to bring to light the occurrences which are in direct contrast to the moral posturing of James Lloyd and others closely involved with "the ministry", but these things must needs be told, that those who have part and parcel of them through their financial support, either through donations or through purchasing his merchandise as customers of Christian Media, can either repent of their ignorant culpability, or willfully embrace their share of the condemnation of God, which is the just dessert for all those who are partakers in the unclean deeds of the flesh.