Is Atheism a religion?

By Craig Portwood


Atheism is the belief that there is nothing in existence that can be called God. This author has pondered the arguments of Atheists and their inclusion in the Religion and Spirituality section of certain publications with some amusement. By and large, their arguments are antithetic.



The notion that Atheists, who have no belief in religion or spirits should be part of anything called religion or spirituality is on its face, ludicrous. The idea that any group which is opposed or hostile to any other school of thought should be included as part the same is absurd. Science which for the most part, repudiates any notion that spirits exist, repudiates the idea that the Christian faith could be called science. Yet Atheism which renounces religion and spirituality, is recognized by its proponents to belong to the religious and spiritual category.


Other philosophies which hold themselves to be above and beyond religious thought, fit neatly into such a category as religion. Evolutionists for example, fancy themselves to be part of the science community. Even though their position has yet to be proven, (hence it is described as the theory of evolution) they put forth their proposition that life somehow magically appeared as if by random accident. Given this perspective, they could reasonably be categorized as a religion, as one can only accept their hypothesis using faith in the unproven belief that their position is sound.


The arguments propounded by Atheists that there is no God hold no water. Most often, their reasoning (if it can be called such) is that religion has done some harm to mankind. This much is true. That men can and will use anything, including religion, in a malicious fashion to further personal agendas is a fact of life. They do not however, focus upon the good that has been done in the name of God. There are more than one Christian groups that have cared for the weak and infirm. Christian charities have clothed the naked, fed the hungry and given aid to the sick.


What has Atheism given the world? One need only point to the failed economic system called Communism for the answer. Millions have been enslaved, tortured and killed by the Atheistic system known as Communism. Not satisfied with the mass slaughter of her own people in the Ukrainian Holodomor, the Russian Communists turned on her own in a great purge. In China, 30 million people were killed in her “Cultural Revolution."


One can point to the Atheists inspired Reign of Terror following the French Revolution. Thousands met their end by the "National Razor" (AKA the guillotine) by mobs who had been manipulated by Atheistic exploiters who cared for nothing but the acquisition of political power.


2nd Peter 3:3


… there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts



Atheism is a lie Atheists tell themselves. A better label for Atheists would be Theophobic. Their arguments, far from having any data upon which their conclusions can be based, rest on emotionally incontinent outbursts. Their writings are for the most part, polemic. Far from proving the absence of God, they rail against God, his Bible and those who love him. This is evinced by their regular depiction of Christians as “god bots,” (presumably, people who believe in God in a robotic fashion as opposed to a reasonable one) and of our savior as “the mythical Cheesus” (mocking Jesus) or a “zombie” (because he rose from the dead). Their references to God as “the invisible sky fairy” and "the bully in the sky," is proof that, far from having no belief that he exists, they hate him.


The Atheist's stated belief is not rational as it is an irrational act to hate that which does not exist. Any belief system which relies upon juvenile, ad homonym attacks to support itself, cannot in truth be considered to represent an intelligent system but is instead, an emotional one. Any philosophy which relies upon hysterical diatribes to make a point is difficult for any reasoned individual to fathom. Such a belief system is the province of the fool.


One could make an alternative case that Atheism is a religion in that it takes as much faith, if not more, to believe that there is no God. For the record, this author makes the claim that he has never purchased a left handed monkey wrench in Hong Kong. At the same time, he is unable to prove that such is the case. There may be no such device in Hong Kong, nor indeed anywhere. One can find no proof as to the lack of existence of anything, as there is no evidence upon which one may build such a case. To accept this claim, one must have faith the author's statement is true. Perhaps for this reason alone, Atheism can indeed be called a religion, even though it be the religion of a fool.


Psalms 53:1:


The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.