The anti-Christian bias of the American media


We have heard it before. Christian fundamentalism is dangerous. The Atheists publish anti-Christian diatribes declaring us to be a danger to society. The Saudi government says it. One need not preach violence to be branded dangerous if one is vociferous in defense of the truth.

















Even those who merely opt for imprecatory prayer are being singled out as representing a danger to America by ostensibly Christian publications. Even individuals whose ideology is in opposition to the Socialists agenda of the present left wing party in control of America are being called terrorists.


To make matters worse, wicked imbeciles such as George W. Bush are falsely associated with the faith. Such false associations merely exacerbate the misperception that all Christians are morons. Add this to the fact that the cult of Roman Catholicism which is seen by many to represent Christianity, has nurtured a culture which not only lends itself to pedophilia but protects those who practice it, the faith is held in utter contempt.


The arrest and indictments made against the so called “Huatree militia” in 2010, are being cited as proof that any Christians whose doctrines are outside of the mainstream must be dangerous. Although no evidence was presented to justify their arrest, the Huatree are were charged with planning to use “weapons of mass destruction.” After years of incarceration, the defendant's at last had their chance to defend themselves in court. The Court freed them after hearing the government's spurious case against them.


For the record, this author does not advocate as just, nor recognize violence to be a Biblically recommended course of action. He does however voice his concern that such incidents being overplayed in significance in the mainstream media, only lend to the misimpression that believers who are vociferous in their dissent against unrighteousness are a danger to life and property.


The Bible tells of a time when believers in Christ will be maligned, persecuted and killed for the sake of our testimony. The current tend in the American press is a sign that such has already begun.


Revelation 6:9:


And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:



Rather than focus upon Christians who stand in opposition to the horrible practices of purported believers which are aberrations in light of Biblical teaching, the media is Hell bent upon portraying us as dangerous lunatics. If using fear to propagate an agenda can be called terrorist, then the American press can be truly called the terrorist media.