The TSA wants to molest your family

TSA sex crimes

Will you let them, or will you resist?


In a land of complacency and societal cowardice, John Tyner stands out as a beacon of courage. In his personal refusal to allow himself to be sexually abused by TSA thugs without a fight, he unleashed an avalanche of pent up anger against Transportation Security Administration (TSA) abuse. Americas have by and large, saluted him for his valiancy. But the government has decided to punish Tyner, to make an example of him to discourage any more innocent travelers from standing up for what is right. Tyner is presently being “investigated” for his refusal to allow TSA to touch his genitals.
































As the year 2010 draws to a close, there has been an explosion of complaints against the methods employed by the TSA, which are supposed to ensure passenger security. For too long, America has continued to allow her children to be fondled, sexually molested and abused at the hands of government sanctioned goons. The evidence that innocent Americans are being so abused is irrefutable. The federal government is attempting to push us into a corner, and the people are beginning to push back.


Innocent tots are being traumatized as suspected terrorists, while parents watch helplessly. Children as young as three years old, are being violated by uncaring, unprofessional hoodlums, courtesy of the United States federal government – paid for by you. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, states that such molestation is “necessary.”


Children are not alone in their victimization. In 2008, one woman was publicly humiliated by TSA creeps, having her breasts exposed to everyone in the area, at a Corpus Christi airport. To add insult to injury, TSA employees joked and laugh about the incident, apparently delighted by her humiliation. One male TSA employee told the woman that he wished he would have been there during the incidentand that ‘he would "just have to watch the video.” The woman filed an administrative claim against the TSA, but the agency refused to respond. She has now filed a lawsuit. In Portland, Oregon, one inculpable woman who was pregnant, was forced to disrobe before other travelers, and had her breasts groped by TSA staff. Her husband was arrested for complaining about the humiliation, dragged away in handcuffs for defending his wife’s honor.


Although the government maintains that no molestation is taking place in American airports, Greg Wells, senior vice president of operations at Southwest Airlines, admits that passengers are being “partially molested.”


Despite these incidents of victimization of innocent Americans, TSA abuse has had no noticeable effect on the “war on terror” save for one: Our freedoms are passing away. The terrorists have already won. They are the TSA, and they will continue to defeat innocent Americans until we begin to resist en masse. Just ask John Tyner.

The worst terror suffered by Americans, comes from the federal government of the United States of America. Resist it while you can.