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The TPP - Read the leaked documents


Are self driving cars safe?


GOP caves to Obama on trade pact


Audio commentary


America under judgment: a broadcast for June 28, 2015


A broadcast for Saturday, June 20, 2015


A broadcast for Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bilderburg - the Templars, and the TPP


A broadcast for June 7, 2015


A conversation with Azi: the broadcast for June 2, 2015


Broadcasts for May 31, 2015:

Part 1: Christians pushing back

Part 2: What are these strange noises in the sky?


About the food: a broadcast for Saturday, May 23, 2015


Broadcast for Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Broadcast for May 10, 2015


From the archives: About MAYDAY


Broadcast for April 19, 2015


Broadcast for April 12, 2015


Broadcast for April 3, 2015


Broadcast for March 29, 2015


Broadcast for March 22, 2015


Broadcast for March 18, 2015

A message for newly awakened believers


Broadcast for March 15, 2015

Part 1: The Image of the Beast
Part 2: Carbon credits and the global warming scam


Broadcast for March 1, 2015


Broadcast for February 22, 2015


Broadcast for February 8, 2015


Asteroids and Bible prophecy - Science vs. God


A brief history of the Christian church


Broadcast for January 18, 2015




California Attorney General has ties to “Masonic police force”


Take that homo-fascists!


The Mark of the Beast: one step closer


Can we really trust "scholarly" publications?




Ron Paul: the U.S. is at war with her people


Can the NSA monitor everything?


Just before her death, Joan Rivers tells about trangendered First "Lady."


Private security firm "Blackwater" threatens US investigators

Read the documentation


Facebook busted: Admits manipulating users emotions


Obama surrenders Iraq defense to Iran


US flees Baghdad embassy


Taliban celebrates Guantanamo pardons by attacking airport in Pakistan


Broward County Public School Bible ban reversed


12 year olds in ritual murder attempt


TSA agent sent to mental hospital instead of jail


LAPD drone downed by rowdy hockey fans


Is this gay or what? Burger King has a new slogan





Government and other crimes


IRS goes after Ron Paul supporters


Politician takes aim at "Big Government"


Harry Reid says Bundy supporters "domestic terrorists"




Taking the 5th? Obamacare rejected - Sebelius dumbfounded


PDF: The report on unconventional research in USSR and Russia


Current solar-terrestrial indices


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The mark of the Beast: How close is it?
Computer control of the human mind. To even suggest that such a thing could be possible is to risk being relegated to the ranks of the insane. Despite the notion that the idea is patently absurd, the truth is that it is not only feasible, but the technology which could make it possible has already been demonstrated. More>>


The Demonization of fundamental Christians: The Bible tells us of a time when Christians will be persecuted en masse for their refusal to recant their faith in Christ. The mainstream media is already taking the steps necessary to demonize those who believe the fundamental precepts taught in the Bible. More>>


The manipulation of American culture through the media: The freedom of the American press is an object many of us cherish. Despite this notion, the freedom of our press is more hype than reality. With the exception of a few independent newsletters and micro publishers, there is no free press in America. More>>


The final battle
It will represent the greatest battle ever to be fought in the history of man. The world will be united against a threat from outer space which threatens the dominion of global government. More>>


More essays>>


Genetically Modified Foods: Which are and which are not? More>>


The Truth About Fluoride:

Water fluoridation began at the beginning of the 20th century but it was not until much later that the true story began to be told. What does the scientific data indicate, relative to water fluoridation? More>>


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PDF: Capstone Exercise 2014


America's "friends" persecute Christians


Inflation calculator


Signs in the heavens


NASA said it would not reach Earth, but...




And another?


NASA scrambles to prepare for asteroid attacks



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